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Russia began to transfer its troops to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border due to the emergency in the region

Russian troops were deployed to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Against the background of a sharp escalation in the region, it became known that Russian troops were transferred to the Azerbaijani-Armenian border to control the situation. The reason for sending the Russian military to the region was a sharp aggravation of the situation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. In particular, we are talking about regular shelling both from the territory of Armenia of Azerbaijani positions and from the territory of Azerbaijan of Armenian positions.

As follows from the information provided by “”, today the situation is critical in the area of ​​the Sotq settlement. This area has been closed to the public since yesterday. At the same time, the Azerbaijani military is actively advancing in this direction, intending to take control of a significant part of the territory of Armenia.

“The area of ​​the village of Kut is closed to journalists for security reasons. Governor of Gegharkunik Gnel Sanosyan stated this today during a conversation with journalists after a government meeting. “The enemy has advanced in the area of ​​the village of Kut. Taking into account the fact that a border incident was recorded the day before, it was decided to close the area for journalists. For the same safety reasons, miners from the Sotk mine and part of the equipment were evacuated. The mine is currently not working. “Maybe when there are no security problems, they will start working,” Sanosyan said., - said in the published material.

Among other things, reports that Russian troops are being transferred to the border to control the situation and prevent new military clashes. There are no official comments on this yet.

Once again, read Anar's notes carefully, then you will understand everything.

Rather, the Caucasus will be covered with mountains than Russia will disappear

These are the plans of Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Russia has weakened and makes a curtsey to Turkey, and then it will leave the Caucasus.

To the Greeks and Iranians, tell all this, they will understand and support you completely ... and for one thing, study the statements of the leaders and the resolutions of the modern summits of the Turkic states, especially non-formal meetings ...
Summit of Turkic States: Timelines and Goals | New Deal, Informal Summit of the Cooperation Council, the Council of Turkic States: “We must stick to the roots ... About the Turkic Khaganate from the Bosphorus to Vladivostok, etc., there the idea fantasizes with the friendship of peoples (certain) and respect for the rest. And at the expense of history .. What are you talking about ..? that everyone rewrote it for themselves and is trying to extract political benefits and superiority ...! There is a science chronology, it clearly reflects all the events who, when and why, and from it a "political history" is already molded .... And the last ... about national analysis and Nazism, you are better than Ukrainian leaders. explain ...

Something that your thoughts do not resemble the words of a "negotiator" and a supporter of "mutual agreements." You act like an ordinary Armenian Nazi. Forgive me, you have not only Nazi views, but as can be seen from your words, you simply do not know the usual history. With your hatred of others, you don't even know that when the last Turkic empire, the Ottoman Empire, was created (I’m not even talking about the former), there was not yet Russia, the United States, or many others. When the states and empires of the Azerbaijani Turks were created (Safavids, Qajars, Shah-Ismail, Nadir-Shah, etc. - everything is in Gooqle, read it - it will be useful) - the same thing. So, learn and respect other peoples. And then Nazism always ends badly for everyone

And what and who is Azerbaijan ..!? And who thanks for his birth ..? And how old is the Armenian state and people ..! And how old is the Azerbaijani state ..? There is a clear dependence, the more the newly-baked state is, the more aggressive and impudent it is in its appetites and claims ... that Turkey, Israel, and here the whole horde of neo-Pan-Turkism countries ... here are the Balts bought from the Swedes, etc. ... But the question is different. I treat the Armenians as everywhere there is good and there is bad, but ... answer the question how long can they endure waiting to be tolerant when the Turks are already shallow and are not going to give up the territory by creating genocide, and now, with their support, others are trying the same .. there is no order in such matters ... the doctrine itself is extremely dangerous and will lead to a disastrous result .. when they all lived in one family and there were no such problems ... only negotiations and mutual agreements I do not see any other option for an effective solution ...

Armenia achieved its goal by blackmail. And now Russia won't come out
never from the Caucasus.

Only got the Caucasus from the Russians

Fortunetellers need to take care of themselves so as not to disappear forward

Russia wants to aim at two birds with one stone ... In vain .. The Caucasus will play a funeral march for Russia. Yes, it is the Caucasus that will be hell for both Russia and Armenia. Both will disappear from the face of the earth

Then, when Russia will be ruled by the Russians.

When it comes to Russia that the destruction of Azerbaijan in the state. interests of Russia?