Russia began the transfer of heavy T-90 tanks to Syria

Russian landing ship loaded with T-90 tanks, approached the coast of Syria.

Russia continues to rearm the Syrian army, transferring it to modern armored weapons. So, according to sources in Syria and Turkey, the Saratov Russian landing ship passing the Bosphorus ships two dozen T-90 heavy tanks to the Assad’s army, which can be used not only to strengthen the capabilities of the SAA, but also to to launch an offensive on provinces such as Idlib and Aleppo.

According to the Arab edition of Al-Masdar News, there are modern weapons on board the Russian warship that will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Syrian army. The name of the tanks is not given in the publication, however, in recent years, modern T-90 tanks have begun to appear on the arsenal of CAA. which is probably due to their invulnerability to weapons, which was delivered to the Islamists by Turkey. In particular, a video appeared earlier that showed the direct hit of an anti-tank missile in a T-90 tank, but at the same time, a Russian-made fighting vehicle did not receive any serious damage.

It should be clarified that after reaching an agreement between Moscow and Ankara, Turkey continues to ignore the agreement to create a de-escalation zone in the Arab Republic.

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The author will not believe it, but the last heavy tank was the T-10, aka the IS-8.
All Soviet tanks starting with the T-64 are the main ones.

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