Russia began to transfer military "non-peacekeeping" equipment to Armenia

Russian planes continue to fly to Armenia despite the statements of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Despite the fact that the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu reported on the completion of the transfer of Russian peacekeeping forces to Armenia, netizens noticed that Russian heavy military transport aircraft are still flying to Armenia, and this is not at all about the delivery of peacekeeping cargo, but about the transfer of "non-peacekeeping" weapons, which does not exclude the possibility that Russia has begun to supply its weapons to Armenia, or has decided to additionally strengthen the Russian Aerospace Forces airbase in Gyumri.

“The build-up of the grouping of Russian troops in Karabakh continues. Only on November 26, 2 An-124 82010 and 82034 + Il-76 group (5-6 units) arrived in Armenia. This is something that Zvezda and Russia 1 will not show you. And the equipment on these aircraft is clearly not peacekeeping. The aircraft are loaded at the airfields Chkalovsky, Mozdok, Marinovka, Novosibirsk ", - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "Notes of a Hunter", publishing the corresponding flight route of Russian military transport aircraft.

What exactly could have been on the two planes that arrived in Armenia is still unknown, however, experts do not exclude that we can talk about air defense means, additional radars and electronic warfare systems - all this should ensure the de-escalation of the conflict and protect the territory of Armenia from drones.

It has long been known that a kind word and a pistol are much more effective than just a kind word. So the peacekeepers - if the parties to the conflict know that these are not only riflemen from armored personnel carriers, but a full-fledged group that can develop an offensive and suppress any enemy, it will be easier to negotiate, and they will be careful not to provoke our guys