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Russia began the transfer of armored vehicles, heavy artillery and additional air defense weapons to Crimea

On the way to Crimea, a train with armored vehicles, artillery and air defense weapons was seen.

A few hours ago, on the way to Crimea, a train echelon with armored vehicles, heavy artillery and air defense means was seen. As follows from the information provided by the Telegram-community “Notes of a Hunter”, there are heavy flamethrower systems “Solntsepёk”, self-propelled artillery installations, electronic warfare systems and armored vehicles on the railway platforms. According to some reports, air defense equipment may also be on the railway platforms, although the latter were not included in the photographs.

According to the data presented, a train with armored vehicles and artillery was seen on July 19 near Krasnodar, while there is some evidence that military equipment was subsequently sent to Crimea, although no confirmation has yet been received on this score.

“19.07.21/2/XNUMX Echelon of military equipment near Krasnodar. A heavy flamethrower system "Solntsepёk", an automated jamming station from the "Borisoglebsk-XNUMX" electronic warfare complex, an ACS, an infantry fighting vehicle was seen in the train. "- said in the message.

Experts do not exclude that the transfer of military equipment to Crimea may be associated with an increased number of provocations from Ukraine. So far, there have been no official comments on this matter.

When using the predecessor of "Solntsepek" - TOS-1 "Buratino" - from the enemy sometimes only the charred soles of army boots remained. The Ukrainian Armed Forces should remember this when planning an attack on Crimea!



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