5 generation fighter


Russia begins development of the 5th generation MiG carrier-based fighter using stealth technology

Development of the 5th generation deck-mounted stealth fighter has begun in Russia.

The Russian aircraft-building corporation MiG announced that at the moment specialists are developing a fifth-generation carrier-based fighter using stealth technology. The first prototype of a combat aircraft will appear in the coming years and, apparently, by 5, the fighter may enter the country's armament.

At the moment, it remains unknown what kind of fighter we are talking about. It is quite remarkable that during the MAKS-2021 International Airshow, large-scale models of a promising combat aircraft RSK MiG were presented, as previously reported by the news agency Avia.pro.

Experts draw attention to the fact that in the near future Russia will start building aircraft carriers, and therefore the appearance of carrier-based promising fighters is a very important step, especially since the carrier-based versions should appear in the Russian Su-57 and Su-75.

It is noteworthy that carrier-based fighters are quite in demand in the world and therefore Russia can conclude a large number of contracts for the supply of these combat aircraft to foreign partners.