Russia began the development of a revolutionary air defense system based on new physical principles

The Russian military has begun to develop a new revolutionary air defense system.

Against the background of preparations for the adoption of the S-500 Triumfator (Prometheus) air defense system into Russia's armament, it became known that the Russian military began to develop an innovative air defense system, which will radically differ from the existing Russian air and missile defense, since the latter is being developed based on new physical principles.

Several years ago, information appeared about research and development work on the creation of weapons based on new physical principles, and, as it became known, the Russian military has already begun to develop a new short-range air defense system that will not use missiles or shells to destroy air targets. - we are talking either about a high-power laser system, or about electromagnetic weapons.

Active work on the creation of this weapon should begin within the next 2-3 years, after which such weapons will begin to be tested, and, quite likely, in the second half of this decade, they will certainly appear in service with the Russian army.

The key feature of such air defense systems is their highest accuracy and almost reliability, although the greatest problem is created by the limited range of use, which, by the way, may well pay off due to the guaranteed destruction of enemy aircraft and missiles

Logical and practical. Nicely answered, thank you.

The photo of the "Protivnik" dm range radar developed in the 90s - early 2000s. Wouldn't be a shame, girls-designers.

Evgeny Ivanovich! And where can you get acquainted with the description of "Stepanov's Mover"?

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We have SUCH devices!
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Do you know a lot of the military? Your subjective opinion in the form of a stigma on a wide range of professions and people is an extreme disrespect for people.

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As far as I understand, weapons are based on new physical principles for the author! Or can you name the existing, serial samples of weapons on new (different) physical principles, maybe in advanced Europe or the backward USA?

It is simply incorrectly said. The old physical principles are simply not used before in this area.

Author, if you worked in the defense industry even for a day, you would know that the military does not design anything. Their brains are tight. Further, you shake your tongue about weapons based on new physical principles and immediately talk about lasers, in engineering it is a coherent monochromatic generator with one beam scattering plane. It was invented back in the distant 60s. And further on about electromagnetic weapons. Electricity and its basic equations were described by Maxwell in the 19th century. What other physical principles are you talking about? If only you knew HOW DIFFICULT TO WORK IN DESIGN DEPARTMENTS WITH DILETANTS like you, author.

This is how the Americans began to work in this area a long time ago, WHAT IT HAS BEEN REPORTED ONCE (if I am not mistaken, they already have a working model tested in the naval forces).

Why are you giving out state secrets?
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I already wrote about my "Stepanov's Mover". An aircraft based on this principle will have one feature. Its surface will not send a response radio signal to irradiate a ground-based radar. There is no secondary excitation of surface atoms; therefore, the Doppler principle does not work. The illuminating signal will go FULL according to the principle "The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection". Therefore, the "revolutionary" principle of air defense will not work. So far, no air defense system has been able to fix the "flying saucer". That's why.


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But we do. And we do the best in the world. S-400, S-500, starting with S-600. And the whole world is still learning to work on nails.

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Well, why write this? Let everyone do their job. Why inform our foes? These are our cookies for "partners".

I propose to create the "Thunderstorm" system, which will create the strongest lightning discharge in the local zone around the flying object. The atmosphere is always full of electricity.

The Russian military is not developing anything, scientists are developing.

Completely illiterate definition "On new physical principles" The laws of physics have been and remain. What are these new principles? Have you discovered new laws? Another thing is when it comes to their wider application based on innovative developments.

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Of course, I believe you, not some Russian military.

Probably more correct to say "Research Institute Wow" Started developing. The military is usually the consumer of the product. The military itself, it seems to me, is developing little. They are taskers - yes.

It means that these principles have not been applied in armament before. Don't be smart and don't itch.

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Are the Russian military engaged in fundamental science? Rave! These things are not compatible. Their brains are geared towards exploitation, not innovation! After the drill, there is no time left for science.

Let's get in touch. In atmospheric conditions, it is a melee weapon.

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The Russian military is hardly capable of this)

It means - principles that were not used before, and not suddenly discovered now

"we are talking either about a high-power laser device, or about electromagnetic weapons." Why "either"? A laser installation is a special case of electromagnetic weapons. Only recently has the US sea-based LA been actively criticized. Let's decide whether this is a promising direction or an ineffective waste of funds?

The Duma has already adopted new physical laws in three readings at once

For the author, the laser is already a "new physical principle" !?

New physical principles must first be discovered (formulated) ...