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Russia begins construction of a new air base in central Syria

The Russian military has begun building a new military base in central Syria.

The Russian military received permission to build another military air base in Syria. According to the information that has appeared, it will be located just 15 kilometers from Palmyra (Homs province), where, in addition to Russian military personnel and armored vehicles, combat helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces will also be deployed. The airbase is supposed to host helicopters and drones previously located at the Tiyas airbase, which is currently operated by the Iranian military.

At the moment, active training is underway on equipping the Russian air base, in particular, we are talking about creating the necessary infrastructure, building an airstrip and bases for military equipment. Given the size of the airbase, experts believe. that up to six helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and several unmanned aerial vehicles will be based on its territory. Moreover, additional air defense assets may also be deployed here in response to the deployment of similar weapons by the US military in the neighboring province of Deir ez-Zor.

The Russian side has not yet given any official commentators regarding the information that has appeared about the beginning of the construction of a military air base in the central part of Syria, however, the Russian Ministry of Defense is probably very interested in new bases in this region of the planet.

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