Landing troops


Russia begins to smash inside NATO

The Russian military began the collapse of NATO from within.

According to the arguments of the Polish authorities, after Italy invited the Russian military, doctors and requested the supply of medical equipment, Russia began an irreversible collapse of the North Atlantic Alliance from the inside.

“Russia's support for the fight against coronavirus may have consequences for future relations between Moscow and Rome and Italy’s position regarding Russia's military threat in Europe. Actions demonstrating Russia's earlier preparations for the provision of such assistance, as well as a way to agree on this issue, allow us to consider it as another element of Moscow’s efforts to destroy the cohesion of NATO allies, similar to the actions that were observed against Turkey a year ago (supply of modern systems missile defense, on favorable conditions for Ankara, on which the US allies did not agree), and also emphasizes the lack of real assistance to Italy from NATO and EU allies. Russia's key political goal is to achieve at least a partial lifting of the sanctions imposed by the EU after aggression against Ukraine ”- it is said in the official document of the Polish side.

Experts note that such a statement by Poland has nothing to do with reality, and is purely provocative.

“Given that the coronavirus made the European armies absolutely incapable and civilians vulnerable, Russia has no intention of trying to weaken NATO - the alliance has already lost all its power. Nevertheless, it was Italy that asked Russia for help, and despite the fact that this country is a potential adversary of Russia, as a member of NATO, Moscow decided to provide all the necessary assistance ”, - the expert marks.

It should be noted that Poland refused to let Russian planes en route to Italy into its airspace.