Iranian Air Defense


Russia will begin supplying Iran with C-400 as early as next year

It became known about the sale of Russian C-400 to Iran.

Despite the absence of official statements from both Tehran and Moscow, it became known that Russia could begin to supply C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran next year. According to media estimates, the negotiations are secret, however, the most long-range air defense systems may appear in the arsenal of Iran as early as next fall.

“The Russian Federation and China can become the main exporters of advanced weapons to Iran after the country leaves the arms embargo. The Pentagon shares such concerns. Experts draw attention to the difficulties that Iran may face in acquiring the latest technology. Iran, as the U.S. military notes, is interested in Su-30 multipurpose fighters, Yak-130 combat trainers and T-90 tanks. The acquisition could be C-400 systems, as well as Bastion coastal missile systems, follows from the report. "- reports the publication "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

In fact, experts believe that as soon as the UN sanctions are lifted from Iran, an agreement will be concluded between Russia and Iran, and within a couple of weeks, such weapons will be transferred to the army of the Islamic Republic, and, obviously, this is precisely what Washington fears .