Su-24 strike


Russia will begin to clean up Syria from the US military and militants

Russia will begin to clean up Syria from American troops.

One of Russia's response measures in the course of the confrontation with the United States and NATO will be a total cleansing of the territory of Syria from the presence of the forces of the so-called international coalition here. This will allow the Syrian, and equally Russian forces, full control over the borders of the Arab Republic. Shortly before the end of last year, the Russian side had already declared its readiness to begin a large-scale liberation of Syria, however, it is likely that we are talking not only about Turkish terrorists, but also about militants and illegal armed groups supported by the United States.

At the moment, in the eastern part of Syria there are a fairly large number of regions that are considered neutral. They are not controlled by Russian, Syrian or US military. This does not exclude the possibility that these regions will be taken under control in the near future. At the same time, with a high degree of probability, the US military will gradually be squeezed out of controlled oil fields and regions of Syria.

“If the United States is helping Ukraine in the fight against the LPR and DPR, then Russia will easily help the Syrian authorities free Syria from the Americans. It's quite natural", - notes the specialist

It should be noted that Russia's opposition to the American presence may well bring relations between Russia and Iran closer, which is also a powerful blow to the United States.

With all this, it will only be as it pleases God. If a person imagines himself smart, then this does not mean that he is actually smart. The Bible says: (Whoever thinks he knows something, he still does not know anything as he should know. But whoever loves God, knowledge is given to him from Him, 1 Corinthians 8:2-3)

In fact, the Turks consider Crimea their territory, hoping in the future to lay claim to their rights when / if Russia collapses.

Really wait?

What war did the US win? Nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, Iraq was bombed, Yugoslavia?

Do not tell my slippers

Ha-ha-ha (and so three times). "strong weak" ... There are other criteria. Amers pump and sell Syrian oil. Those. they are there on a self-supporting basis ....

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and drunken paratroopers will no longer solve the problems of the Russian Federation. Search the Internet for information about how, about 5-6 years ago, a contingent of Russian-speaking warriors tried to knock out an oil refinery in Syria from the American zone and how it ended. This is what modern warfare is and the US military has shown what they are capable of.

At 6 am a black rooster crowed.

Somehow Russian PMCs in Syria tried to seize oil-producing territories.
And how it ended - until today they cannot count the losses, or 200, maybe more
From PMCs they fought with military spirit, and amers with weapons!

What does zatomogaviat mean? they were already launching their rackets, and what ... A few pieces out of more than a hundred rackets more or less hit. And each racket is not cheap. Won't come out, no way

What story proves that the Russians are stronger?
Tell me more.

The American side in Syria is illegal. It robs oil resources and everyone was silent, but now they remembered and want to start freeing them from the Americans.

The Americans are militarily weak compared to the Russians. Russians are strong in spirit, which is not given to the Yankees. The Russians will always beat the Yankees. There is no soldier stronger than a Russian in the world. History proves it.

Oh. I will look at this with interest. And what, something has changed in the layouts? Well, then they will zatomogavat the whole of Syria, and what will you do? And the Turks will also help them. It was necessary in due time to use the element of surprise, psychological pressure and confident actions. And now they read you like a book there. And the same is true in Ukraine. Now only a frontal attack when they are waiting for you.

Afghanistan already cleared, Gor Black without your help?

Afghanistan has already been enrolled, Syria is next in line, Sergey needs your help !!!

It's high time to introduce Americans to Pinocchio.

Now, I understand that our Central Biden Commission did not give Trump the right to the Presidency of the United States, but promoted Biden. smart move)

I immediately recall the video footage of panicking Americans scurrying from Kabul airport ...

Pants will not tear .. "specialist"?

That's right, you can achieve much more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone! (c)

If so, then that's just great!

NATO and VSU will not be ashamed. They are not limited to regrets.

No matter how they cleaned them up.

Rather, the Americans will clear Syria of the Russians.