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Russia intends to deploy missiles in Cuba and Venezuela

Russia could deploy missiles right in the US backyard.

In response to NATO's refusal to negotiate with Russia on non-expansion, it became known that Russia could conduct active negotiations on the deployment of missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela. Data on this matter appeared several weeks ago, and although there is no official confirmation of this information, it became known about several strange visits by the Russian FSB plane to Venezuela and Cuba over the past two days.

According to data from open monitoring resources, yesterday and today in the airspace of Venezuela and Cuba, a Russian Tu-154M aircraft was seen, which most likely belongs to the Russian FSB. Who exactly may be on board the special flight and for what purpose the visits to these countries were carried out is unknown, however, experts believe that the Russian side may well negotiate precisely on the creation of Russian military bases and facilities in Venezuela and Cuba, as well as prospects, and missile weapons. On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that other departments should be engaged in solving such problems.

Earlier, the Russian side announced that it is ready to give the United States and NATO a very tough response if, during negotiations on providing Russia with security guarantees, the United States and NATO representatives refuse to comply with the requirements. It is likely that it is the deployment of Russian missile weapons near the US borders that could force Washington to seriously attend to such an issue.

"China has ALREADY stated" sometimes dreaming is still harmful. By the consequences.

Haven't you heard of jump airfields.

China has ALREADY stated that in the event of an armed conflict with the states, it will instantly support Russia by military means

There was no need to remove them from Cuba.

There is a petrol tank instead of a cabin

Don't be smart! This is a threat to the United States. Clear?

Russia intends to host? Or Russia can place! What is more primary ?!

we are forced to think how he flew to America a plane in an old package, but what tells me that there is something new, so let America breaks its head

about the plane, the range is 6600, but I think this is something new in the old packaging and the impression is that everyone is deliberately fooled and forced to think how he flew to America

Obviously, first it was necessary to place missiles near the United States, and then call for negotiations, stimulation is the key to success!

Well, just crap. Tu-154 from Russia cannot reach Cuba in any way, there will not be enough fuel.

Before, everything was clear, there were friends and there were enemies, but now there are no friends or enemies, there are only partners around.

There is a letter M, modernized, tanks for the entire fuselage

What is this nonsense? What terrorists? These are people who were finally fed up with life in poverty. They were with berdanks and pitchforks ...

A good answer would be to deploy our military bases with missiles in the CSTO countries.

you are talking to Gorbachev and Yeltsyn

So and only so !!!!!!!!!!

And also, as it is sung in the song: do not hesitate aaaa ...

And who will give you to place them there ???? Especially in Cuba ???

Our TU-154m has engines from S-550 missiles. It flew to Cuba in 9m 18sec. There are 7 manually launched Zircons on board, the flight time to the US command posts is 1 min. 30 sec to Hollywood Nothing new. Standard complete set.

In the east we have 3,8 km

100 percent agree friend

The idea is good, but you need at least 10 aircraft carriers or the Chinese economy, the SU-57 (2 units) and ARMATA (5 units), as well as the development of 40-year-old missile systems, NATO obviously did not, and will not be. frighten. "Take the load by yourself, so as not to fall when walking" Let me remind you about Afghanistan, a very similar situation, this is the word "about walking".

You speak the truth!

Yes, when the president is not in good health, you can generally use the entire budget for stupid weapons.

At least flew through Tunisia according to the same data.

OBS! I suppose that the author wants to get ahead in the forecasts of Zhirinovsky himself.

Nicaragua is even better! )

Do not be afraid

The year before last, the production of launchers for Kalibr cruise missiles began, disguised as 2 standard 40-foot cargo containers. One container contains a launcher for 4 missiles, the other contains all the equipment for launching them. So you can deliver without any problems and without unnecessary noise by any sea or air transport.

I just flew in. The range has nothing to do with it. Putin ordered.

Most likely, the United States will disrupt negotiations on the withdrawal of all NATO military infrastructure to the 1997 position. Therefore, the restoration of our military base in Cuba and the construction of Russian military bases in the countries of South America and Africa is extremely necessary, but not enough.
The Russian Federation must sign an agreement on mutual military assistance with China.
The Russian Federation should warn the Governments of the countries in which NATO infrastructures appeared after 1997 that Russia reserves the right to use all the power of its armed forces to launch a simultaneous preventive military strike against these NATO infrastructures and the military facilities of these countries without warning.
The Russian Federation should warn the Government of Israel that their aircraft, which are launching missile strikes on Syria from the neutral zone, will be destroyed by Russian air defense systems.
It's time for us to stop standing on ceremony with NATO staff fighters who are insolent with irresponsibility !!!

And this is correct, it is necessary to speak with the West and the United States, in their own language, because they understand only their own language.

maximum range 6600 km

Nope! From Cuba 90 miles to the States! The place is good!

Well, we'll see this a little later, when the United States again screeches in horror.

Tu154 does not fly that far!

I wonder how he got there, with a flight range of 6600 km?

How did the Tu-154 end up there? This is a medium-haul aircraft and, as far as is known, can only cover a little more than 5000 km. I wonder where he could fly from to get to Venezuela or Cuba? Weird...

They are quite intent on this and have been hoping for it for a long time. More sanctions can no longer be imposed on them. And they really need money.

Time will tell.

Who said that?

It's closer to fly from Ukraine

And earlier, in 2014-15, it was impossible to think about it, or until the thunder breaks out, the man crosses himself?

But Cuba and Venezuela really want to become players of the big game. The CIA reported to us that the Russian missiles were already there. Mr. Putin never threatens with emptiness.

Intend, how!) ...

then we will put in your garden

This is the assumption of some experts, and not official information.

Exactly, they just informed you about this. Nothing has happened yet, one slapped his lips, the other said that he didn’t give the go-ahead ..

you didn’t allow them again, or what?

how ....... interesting, but how to transport wake up? On ships disguised as palm trees? Duc, this, they will not swim to Cuba ........

Ground-based daggers will look very good in Cuba.

"Only Cuba and Venezuela do not intend to."
Oh, you are probably a Venezuelan Cuban by birth?
How else?

remembered Cuba, caught on ...
What were you thinking about when you left the country to American tyranny: When were the bases closed, including in Lourdes? But the Cubans tearfully asked not to do this (they had a reasonable hope that the presence of the Russian military was an important argument for the United States not to invade Cuba.)

In fact, they've already hosted it in Cuba.

Did you ask them?

And you, too, participated in the negotiations, since you already know the result? )))

Are you sure you are unintentional

As a Cuban resident, tell us what you think, and what position do you have in Havana?

As if they forgot about the Caribbean crisis

Who will let us go there ...

Only Cuba and Venezuela do not intend to.



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