Russian Navy


Russia intends to double the number of warships and submarines in the Mediterranean

The number of Russian warships in the Mediterranean will double.

Russia intends to significantly increase the number of its warships and submarines stationed in the waters of the Mediterranean. It is planned to implement this not only by expanding the naval base in Syrian Tartus, but also by deploying additional naval bases in North Africa, which, according to preliminary estimates, will increase the size of the Russian naval fleet in the Mediterranean to 20-30 ships.

At the moment, it is known about the intentions of the Russian side to create a Russian naval base in Sudan, however, even if the plans are thwarted, and at the moment there is information that Sudan unexpectedly refused Russia this, then Russian military bases may appear in Libya. ...

“Christopher Bort, an expert on Russia and Eurasia at the US National Intelligence Council, noted that since 2013, Putin has paid more attention to the Russian naval presence - first in Syria, where the country has settled, and then worked hard to conclude an agreement to create a military marine complex in Sudan. In the Mediterranean, Russia wants to compete for influence, Bort said. Examples include Russia's military intervention in Syria and Libya, the supply of advanced weapons to former client countries, and participation in regional infrastructure projects. He added that Moscow's long-term goal in Libya could be to create a naval presence there. According to a spokesman for US intelligence, Russia has "surpassed its inertia" when it comes to engaging in Mediterranean issues such as the civil wars in Syria and Libya. ", - reports the publication "Soha".

Earlier, information about the appearance of a Russian naval base in Libya has repeatedly appeared, however, at the moment Russia does not officially comment on such information, apparently expecting a settlement of the situation in this North African country. Having received the opportunity to create a naval base here, the Russian fleet will literally take NATO into its pincers.

I don’t remember a grouping of 70 Soviet ships in the Mediterranean. Maximum 5. Exploration, tankers.

In Soviet times, there was a grouping of 50-70 ships, depending on the tension in the Mediterranean.