OTRK Iskander launch


Russia struck Iskander-M missile system on Syrian terrorists

The Syrian militants were hit by the Russian Iskander-M OTRK.

Russia is actively using Iskander-M tactical missile systems in Syria to deliver precise strikes against local jihadists and terrorists. One of these launches was removed by the military, and, moreover, only a few seconds elapsed from the time the signal arrived to the strike to the missile launch.

On the presented video frames, you can see the operational deployment and preparation for battle of the Iskander-M OTRK. According to some reports, the video was filmed in the Syrian province of Latakia, while the attack was carried out on jihadists in Idlib. Apparently, the strike was carried out after reconnaissance had recorded a large group of militants and a single tactical missile strike was quite enough to destroy all targets.

Exactly when this video was filmed is unknown, since it has not been reported recently that Russia has used its tactical missile systems against jihadists. The fact that Russia is using these weapons suggests that the Russian military has serious intentions to eliminate illegal gangs and terrorists in Syria.

Iskander is shown in the video - the Technician needs to be studied more carefully

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The Pentagon thanked the RF Ministry of Defense for the information provided on Iskander's signatures. This will allow you to more quickly search and classify the target.



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