Russia struck with Kalibr cruise missiles in the area with NATO ships

Russia has responded powerfully to NATO's provocative exercises in the Baltic Sea.

The Russian fleet showed NATO the destruction of the Alliance warships right during the largest exercises in the Baltic Sea. Thus, according to the data available to the news agency, against the background of the Baltops 2021 military exercises launched by NATO, Russian warships practiced strikes with Caliber cruise missiles directly on the area of ​​the North Atlantic Alliance ships.

It is known that the strike with the Kalibr cruise missiles (“Caliber-NK”) was inflicted by the Russian small missile ship “Odintsovo”, while, as part of the exercises, six-barreled artillery mounts AK-630 were also fired, within which could be practiced strikes on NATO aircraft, which, by the way, are also in the area.

Against the background of provocative NATO exercises, Russia has demonstrated its readiness to ensure the security of its borders, and, apparently, even with much smaller forces, although the coastal missile systems deployed in the Kaliningrad region are quite enough to destroy a powerful fleet of several dozen ships.

It should be noted that a little earlier it became known that the Russian Su-35 successfully intercepted the American F-35 over the Baltic Sea, which, obviously, is also a response to the provocative actions of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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