Russia sent huge trains with military equipment to the border with Ukraine after NATO refused to negotiate

After NATO's open refusal to negotiate with Russia, Russian military equipment rushed to the borders of Ukraine.

Huge train trains with armored and unarmored military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation rushed to the borders with Ukraine after NATO's open refusal to negotiate with Russia on providing security guarantees.

The reason for the transfer of military equipment was the information that appeared that NATO and Ukraine could attack the western borders of Russia. Moreover, after the situation in Kazakhstan, the risk of a full-scale military conflict is extremely high.

In the video footage presented, you can see the transfer of Russian military equipment towards the Ukrainian border. On the railway platforms, you can see military trucks, special military equipment, infantry fighting vehicles and other military equipment. The latter, judging by a number of data, is directed towards a field camp located near the city of Klintsy, but there is currently no confirmation of this data.

The deployment of a large number of troops and equipment is aimed primarily at ensuring the security of the Russian borders. At the same time, earlier Russia announced its readiness to send troops into Donbass if Kiev tries to launch an offensive in this direction, since the lives of several hundred thousand Russian citizens will be endangered.

In which regions of Russia the video frames were taken is unknown.