Hypersonic rocket


Russia sent a harsh warning to the United States after the Pentagon intends to deploy hypersonic missiles in Europe

An attempt by the United States to deploy hypersonic missiles in Europe will receive a harsh response from Russia.

Against the background of the readiness of the United States to adopt hypersonic missiles, it became known that the Pentagon intends to deploy some missiles of this type on the territory of the European Union. Nevertheless, the Russian side sent a stern warning to the United States about the inadmissibility of such steps, emphasizing that this factor will be destabilizing and "... will leave Russia either little or no time at all to make a decision."

“We remind the Pentagon that the potential deployment of any US hypersonic missiles in Europe would be highly destabilizing. Their short flight times will shorten decision-making times and increase the likelihood of unintentional conflict. ", - reports the Russian Embassy in the United States.

It is noteworthy that such a statement by the Russian side appeared after the United States tested the AGM-183A ARRW hypersonic missile, which the American media called a means of a quick strike against Moscow.

At the same time, to date, the Russian military is successfully implementing a program to develop air defense / missile defense systems designed to combat hypersonic targets.

It's sarcasm actually

Will want and place a beggar rush 0 in the world economy and do not affect anything

"The Pentagon intends to deploy some missiles of this type on the territory of Russia" correct, it will be more correct on the territory of Europe

"The Pentagon intends to deploy some missiles of this type on Russian territory." It should be corrected, they cannot place anything on the territory of Russia.

Pentagon? Rockets? On Russian territory? Do you at least re-read what you write before publishing!

To deploy such weapons, it would be nice to have them, for a start.



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