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Russia sent six large landing ships to the Black Sea

Six large landing ships of the Russian Navy are heading to the Black Sea.

The Swedish Ministry of Defense reports that six Russian large landing ships, fully loaded with unknown weapons, were seen in the waters of the Baltic Sea, which moved towards the Black Sea. Russia has never sent such a large number of BDKs to the Black Sea. This caused some serious concerns in the West, especially against the background of the fact that military field camps of the Russian Armed Forces are located near the eastern borders of Ukraine, and part of the Russian troops have been transferred to the territory of neighboring Belarus against the backdrop of the upcoming military exercises in February.

According to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, six large landing ships are currently moving towards the Black Sea, namely:

  • BDK "George the Victorious";
  • BDK "Minsk";
  • BDK "Kaliningrad";
  • BDK "Korolev";
  • BDK "Pyotr Morgunov";
  • BDK "Olenegorsky Miner".

What exactly is on board the Russian large landing ships remains unknown, however, given the draft of the latter, we are talking about a heavy load.

Initially, it was assumed that part of the BDK that emerged from the Baltic Sea could head towards Latin America amid the emergence of information that Russia intends to deploy its weapons in countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, however, Russian ships headed for the Black Sea.

At the same time, there are suggestions that Russia could use its large landing ships to counter NATO and Ukraine in the event that the Ukrainian Armed Forces launch an operation to seize Donbass.

There are no official statements from the command of the Russian Navy in this regard.

so what are you kidding? since our landing ships were sent there, then it’s necessary!

incredible insight! Here comes the ship across the Baltic, and they squinted and understood where it was going. To the Black Sea. They don’t go to the Mediterranean Sea like that, the gait is not the same ... And they don’t go to the Indian Ocean like that. Or maybe all the ships from the Baltic go to the Black Sea, they have a nest there?

Why be so smart, if cargo from the Baltic to the Black Sea can be sent by rail. dor.? Yes, and the Swedes would not have cut through anything.

Russia delivered 21 lard cubic meters of gas to Turkey in 36. Built an AU that belongs to Russia. The station may explode having Chernobyl well and gas at its side. Their entire economy will go to the torch for lighting, and the enterprises will stand up.

Yes, what does Turkey have to do with it. The author correctly indicated about the movement of squadrons, but he came up with the direction of movement himself. Russia did not put forward an ultimatum to Turkey, but the United States.

But who reported to you about the combat course of the squadrons? And if the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy did not report to you, how do you know the direction (Black Sea)? Do you know other seas?

On board was written "To Berlin!", and this, as you know, in the Black Sea

Squadrons go to America.

And who told you that the squadrons are going exactly to the Black Sea? This is complete nonsense (look carefully at the map).

What is the Black Sea?!! See the map: why should the Northern Fleet go to Baltiysk going to the Black Sea ?! (hook 2,5 thousand miles) They go to America. Keep it up!

Yeah, someone with imagination and geography is just that.

Turkey will never close the Bosphorus for Russia due to multiple facts, if they close it, then in Syria they will cease to exist about Turkish forces And in no case does Turkey want to lose

If this information is not fake, then we can conclude that
that Russia went ahead in the negotiations. Since "hints" have already begun to sound in Turkey - if Russia does not concede to NATO in Ukraine (Donbass), then Turkey will close the Bosphorus Strait for Russia. And it is quite real. Therefore, we are forced to "be friends" with Turkey, but also to play it safe.
It's good that they managed to "hook" in the Mediterranean Sea, having built their powerful base in Syria for 50 years. And the Bosphorus
remains our weakest link in relations with Turkey.

I would advise the author of this article to study geography before writing on this topic. Norway warned that 6 Russian large landing ships were sent to the Black Sea, good! And where does the country of the Caribbean Bay come from in another part of the world

How did they (the Swedes), being in the waters of the Baltic Sea, determine that ours had advanced in the direction of the Black Sea? Did ours tell them about it? Or was it written on board?

six Russian large landing ships fully loaded with unknown weapons, which advanced in the direction of the Black Sea.

it says so on them - are we going to the Black Sea?
Maybe Cuba/Nicaragua?

Clearly, they brought humanitarian aid. Most likely drinking water)) Like the states in Georgia.

From the Baltic to the Black Sea past Sweden?
This is from a series of reports that 17 armored personnel carriers left Samara in the direction of the Ukrainian border.



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