Armored vehicles of Russia


Russia will send 7 thousand troops and more than a hundred tanks to fight the Taliban

Russia will send up to 7 servicemen and more than a hundred tanks to defend the Tajik border.

Against the background of the threat of an attack by the Taliban on Tajikistan, and at the moment we can talk about tens of thousands of jihadists of the Taliban movement banned in Russia, information appeared that Russia intends to send the 201st military base stationed on the territory of Tajikistan to defend the Tajik border. of this state.

According to the data at the disposal of the information and news agency, within the framework of the CSTO, Russia is ready to provide Tajikistan with all the necessary assistance, including the provision of forces of the 201st military base. We are talking about 7 thousand servicemen, more than a hundred tanks, dozens of armored vehicles and even air defense equipment, if the need arises.

In turn, only the issue of providing assistance in the event of an attack by the Taliban is being discussed. So far, such actions are not recorded for the latter, since the key goal of the movement banned in Russia is only to gain control of the territory of Afghanistan, without any direct escalation with neighboring countries.

Earlier, Moscow announced that Russia is not interested in interfering in the situation on the territory of Afghanistan.

send tanks, but what cannot be sent diplomats?

Kostya in Syria is our best training ground, through which all the specialists passed in turn. It is more expensive to maintain a training ground and training is removed from the reality of hostilities. And then there is the help to the courageous people of Syria, who, even before the entry of our specialists and bases, fought for several years in the enemy sponsored by the West.

It is understandable that they write, like "they will send 7 thousand military men in tanks .." ...
But TASS quotes S. Lavrov as saying - "..." We will do everything, including using the capabilities of the Russian military base on the border of Tajikistan with Afghanistan .. "
That is, they will not "direct" anything, except for what is already in Tajikistan.
But I think it is necessary to coordinate actions with the "Northern Alliance" and send only aid (food, clothing, equipment and weapons) to the "Northern Alliance" and then all the CSTO, and not Russia alone, to Afghanistan.

It looks like Afghan and Syria did not teach our * foremen * anything



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