Russia found a way to destroy all American naval bases in two strikes

Two strikes of Russian weapons can completely destroy all American naval bases.

Russia has found a way to completely suppress the American navy with just two powerful strikes, which cannot be repelled even theoretically, which poses a very great threat to the continued existence of American naval bases and 70-80% of the American fleet.

We are talking about the use of the Russian super torpedo "Status-6", one of which can strike on the west coast of the United States, and the other on the east, and this will mean guaranteed destruction of US military bases and all warships and aircraft carriers located within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. In theory, even if American systems can detect the approach of Russian nuclear torpedoes, with the high power of the latter's warhead, even at a distance of several hundred kilometers from the US coast, the American naval base will simply be washed away by a huge tsunami.

“No matter how the US tries to declare the vulnerability of the Russian superweapon, they cannot do anything against the Status-6 torpedoes. Even remote detonation of these torpedoes will mean that any sea objects within a radius of 200-250 kilometers will be washed away by a tsunami, and if they reach the US coast, a huge bay will appear there. ", - the expert marks.

According to the available data, the Russian nuclear torpedoes "Status-6" may be adopted by the Russian army by 2030.

"Viktor Ivanovich" How can something that cannot become obsolete? Tsunami is Tsunami. Whether it's young or old doesn't really matter. "Wash themselves" .......... EVERYTHING!

Will not become obsolete, I assure you. They are not yet in service. It's a pity...

Will these torpedoes become morally obsolete in 10 years - that's the question?
What prevents them from being adopted in 1-2 years?