hypersonic weapons


Russia has learned to intercept hypersonic weapons

The Russian Defense Ministry pays great attention to organizing the defense of the country's northern borders.

According to Izvestia, citing the military department, training was conducted in the Arctic to intercept carriers of hypersonic weapons.

During exercises in the Arctic, the Russian military practiced interception of carriers of hypersonic weapons. Long-range interceptors MiG-31BM of the Pacific Fleet were attracted to the exercises, which, after takeoff from Chukotka, eliminated targets imitating conditionally enemy bombers.

The interception of targets took place in the stratosphere in the Arctic Circle. The MiG-31BM attack was carried out at a speed of Mach 2,5 from an altitude of almost 20 km.

The military department emphasized that it is through the North that the shortest path for the arrival of military aircraft and missiles from the United States has been laid, therefore, such exercises to practice interceptions will continue in the future.

Honored test pilot Igor Malikov said that flights in the North require special training from pilots due to extreme weather conditions and the proximity of a magnetic pole, which distorts the readings of on-board instruments. The lack of landmarks on a uniform white surface covered with snow, in the event of failure of navigation systems, can lead to the fact that the pilot is simply lost.

The Ministry of Defense noted that the MiG-31BM is excellent for operations in the north of the country. Due to its high speed and range, as well as powerful weapons, the aircraft is capable of intercepting the enemy at a long distance, preventing the enemy from launching missiles.

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