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Russia does not rule out the deployment of its offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine

Dmitry Peskov did not rule out the deployment of Russian offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Russian offensive weapons could be deployed on the territory of Ukraine. This is due to the actions of NATO, since the Alliance was unable to ensure the conduct of negotiations and actually sabotaged them.

“We are not going to say that we will not deploy our offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine. We do not want negotiations [on security guarantees - approx. ed.] lasted a month or a year”, - quotes the words of Dmitry Peskov, the Bloomberg news agency.

What does the deployment of offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine imply? - not specified, but it is more than likely that Dmitry Peskov meant the deployment of Russian troops in the Donbass, although the press secretary of Vladimir Putin emphasized that all the arguments about the allegedly impending Russian attack on Ukraine are false, although the Russian side intends to provide protection Russian citizens in the DNR and LNR.

It is noteworthy that earlier the Iskander complexes proceeded towards the Ukrainian border. We are talking about at least one missile division, however, this number will be quite enough to put the forces of NATO and the Armed Forces of Ukraine to flight.

What century do you live in? 2 million years before our era? Or do you think a weapon or an iskander or something like that only exists in Russia? Now in so many countries of the world there are a lot of weapons and everyone is somehow afraid of each other, so don’t be clever here

It depends who is the operator.

Iskanders were not used because of Russia in Karabakh. Nobody was interested in a big war. And the mess in Karabakh suited everyone. Moreover, NOBODY recognized Karabakh. But if Russia joined. Azerbaijan would be crushed like a shell. Too small in size and no serious weapons.

Yura - if you doubt it, then you obviously have not been to Ukraine. On the first day of the war, 70% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go over to the side of Russia, the remaining 20% ​​on the third day, after small losses. Well, 10% of the stubborn ones will run away to the West to the owners.

Something the Iskanders did not put to flight the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh

Thanks, they are already waiting there, we will take it for ourselves! I have a feeling that you already have a "roof gone", such as there are no Russian troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the miners themselves have learned how to operate electronic warfare and air defense stations.

Russia should not rely on certain guarantees from the US and NATO in certain negotiations, since this will be another scam on their part, as in the case of the Normandy format, which is not being implemented at all. If Russia has delivered an ultimatum, then it should act quickly and promptly in accordance with it, and not waste time on regular discussions of opuses with the foreign side.

In Voronezh, on the street. Lizyukov.
Do you read about Lizyukov yourself?

In 1941, similarly, Hitler lined up his troops on his territory and even signed a non-aggression pact, and how did this peaceful policy end

Excuse me, but who ever asked the people? And the more he listened to his opinion? Name at least one example in modern history. Yuri, what planet are you from?

But in reality it will be the headquarters of the NATO task force in Voronezh.

Yes, the flowers are a little wilted, of course, but the population is ready to joyfully welcome the liberators!

Vasya, are you a Ukrainian, why are you so bold about flowers?

This should have been done in 2014.
And on all borders of Ukraine.
Then the current situation would not exist.

So much for the Jewish seizure of power in Ukraine, so much for the historical Pale of Settlement.

we are peaceful people, but on an armored train ..... why escalate tension? we gave our proposals, but we will not make any concessions.. do we really want peace??

Not weakly you supply info.- intelligence. information from NATO analysts. Inside = espionage = betrayal.

Well, Donbass is a humble beginning. What will prevent the deployment of Iskanders in western Ukraine? The population was already waiting for the liberators with flowers.