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Russia does not raise its combat aircraft to intercept Israeli fighters, but this is even worse for the IDF

Russian fighters no longer rise to intercept Israeli warplanes.

Despite the fact that a few years ago, Russian fighters rose to intercept Israeli warplanes during almost every IDF attack, today, in the event of a threat from Israel, Russian warplanes no longer take to the skies. While for the Israeli side this guarantees no clashes with Russia, for the IDF it is a very bad situation.

According to experts, if earlier Russia was actively raising fighters for the likely protection of Syria from an Israeli invasion, today the Russian military command has decided not to take such steps. This is primarily due to the fact that against the background of the fact that the Israeli side does not respond to Russian warnings, in the event of the slightest threat to the Russian military, the IDF aircraft will go astray at the very first violation of the Syrian border or even an accidental strike on the positions of the Russian military.

“The Russian side has decided that the fight against Israeli aggression should only be done with radical methods. In the event of an attempt by Israeli fighters to violate the Syrian border, a missile will be immediately launched at the IDF combat aircraft, and in the event of a threat to the Russian military, all Israeli fighters posing a threat will be attacked. "- explains the specialist.

It should be noted that today Israel is not even trying to invade Syrian airspace, realizing that this will lead to an instant attack from Russia and Syria.

All the information on Avia for a certain contingent is really not interesting there.

Lavrov at a meeting with Lapid confirmed that Russia is against any forces in Syria to strike or prepare an attack on Israel. Lavrov stressed that Russia understands Israel's concern about the presence of Iranian forces in Syria and the accumulation of missiles. Therefore, no one will attack the Israeli Air Force.

Well? Today 18-09-2021 at 6.30, as always, the birds of the tsakhal flew out and were not scared and not for the first time in 4 years, and as they said in Odessa: - And what? and the mustache, as always, the brave Syrian + Russian unified air defense system blinked the mustache!