exercises in the arctic


Russia unexpectedly launches military exercises in the Arctic on an unprecedented scale

Russia has launched an unprecedented exercise in the Arctic.

In response to the provocative statements of NATO countries about their intentions to block the Arctic from the Russian presence and gain control over the Northern Sea Route, Russia unexpectedly began conducting large-scale military exercises in this region, using military aircraft, nuclear submarine missile carriers, as well as anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons. defenses that protect the Arctic and northern Russian borders from possible attacks from the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Large-scale exercises to ensure Russia's national interests in the Arctic have started in units and formations of the Northern Fleet. Nuclear submarine missile carriers, military aircraft and air defense systems are involved in the maneuvers, "Voenniy Obozrevatel Telegram reports.

Apparently, such a large-scale military exercise in the Arctic is being held for the first time, and, obviously, their main goals are not only to work out the defense of this direction, but also to demonstrate Russia’s readiness to act toughly against any enemy, including with the use of nuclear weapons, which will become reminding potential Russian adversaries of their readiness to act instantly and very harshly.

The teaching was started in order to distract our technology from the black sea?