Russia unexpectedly raised strategic bombers into the sky

After a NATO warning, Russia unexpectedly launched strategic bombers into the sky.

This morning, strategic aviation assets were raised into the sky from Russian military bases. This happened against the background of a warning from the Russian side that the refusal of NATO and the United States to provide security guarantees to Russia will lead to extremely serious consequences for the West.

According to the "Telegram" community "Hunter's Notes", from the very morning in the sky over Russia there was activity of strategic aviation and although no details are given on this matter, this is the first time since the beginning of this year when Russian strategic bombers were raised in sky.

“Activity of Russian strategic aviation. A group of 3 strategic bombers (type to be specified) (call sign 70291/70292/70293) are working with the Il-78 tanker (call sign 42603)"- said in the message.

Whether the flights of Russian strategic aviation are connected with any exercises is not specified, however, there are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this either. However, experts note that Russia can test the readiness of strategic aviation against the background of existing threats from NATO and the United States.

This is Photoshop.

This is a freeshop.

Ukraine sawed off all its 160 and 22, along with 95 (I don’t know about the latter), partly gave it to the Russian Federation.

We resume flights "around the corner". Crew training, and incidental pressure on the Russophobic psyche.

And why is there a Ukrainian plane in the photo?

The author, well, what kind of show-off is next? 3 bombers)))

I remember well the times when these planes flew en masse, constantly and far away, and it was routine combat work, and not a one-time sensation. What have we been up to...