C-400 Turkey


Russia unexpectedly destroyed Erdogan’s plans at C-400

Erdogan’s plans for the Russian C-400 SAMs suddenly fell apart.

Despite the fact that Russia has actually completed the delivery of C-400 systems to Turkey, it became known that the officially announced plans of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were completely destroyed. If initially it was assumed that these complexes would be taken on combat duty as soon as possible, in particular, it was assumed that this would be completed by mid-August or early September, then at the moment it is known that it will take at least six months.

According to some information at the disposal of the Avia.pro resource, the deployment of Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems acquired by Turkey on combat duty will be possible no earlier than April 2020, which shifts all planned periods. The reason for this is still unknown, but experts did not rule out that this may be due to the need to withdraw the US military from the region, as well as the proposed large-scale operation of the Russian and Syrian military in northwestern Syria.

“Turkey itself announced the deployment of C-400 near the borders of Syria. Obviously, this carries some potential threat to Syrian aircraft in the upcoming military operations against militants supported by Turkey. However, in the PRC, the same complexes were put on combat duty as soon as possible, as appropriate conclusions can be drawn. ”, - said the analyst Avia.pro.

There are currently no official comments on this subject from Turkey.

China entered into a contract at the end of 2014, exactly one year later, Russia confirmed its entry into force (apparently after a certain prepayment), and proceeded to the production of complexes. As soon as they were ready, starting with the first division (12-PU, ...), the personnel training also went.
So since January 2018 (the beginning of deliveries) everything and everyone were ready to be put on combat duty.
Unlike Turkey, which entered into a contract in July 2017-th at the beginning of deliveries in March 2020-th. Then the delivery dates were replayed for almost a year, but learning so quickly was not so easy. Therefore, acceptance on combat duty will occur according to the originally approved conditions.

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