Russia unexpectedly wanted to sell all Su-57 fighters

In Russia, they started talking about their intentions to sell all Su-57 fighters.

According to information provided by the Russian edition of, Russia was seriously thinking about the sale of all its fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, and, most likely, we are talking about the sale of technology, which was confirmed by the words of the Director for International Cooperation, Rostec Victor Kladov.

"Everything. We are open, we are as open as we can for supplies, for industrial partnerships, for technology transfer. And whenever our partner wants to collect technology, we look at how much the partner can master the technology ”- said Kladov in response to a question about the sale of weapons of the UAE.

How strong is the UAE's interest in acquiring fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighters is still unknown, however, as Lenta journalists emphasize, we are also talking about Su-35 and S-400 Triumph fighter jets.

It should be clarified that a few days earlier it really became known that Russia intends to sell its combat aircraft to the UAE, however, it was only about Su-35 fighters, and this information was left without comment in the emirates.

Hitler might not have guessed this, but you won’t believe it - the Americans have proven technology. Both on the F-35 and on your favorite Windows ...

Kohl, do you ever write something - don’t get drunk! You’ll be a smart guy.

To sell completely raw fighters, then spend double the amount to repair them and thereby drop the remnants of Russia's authority in the world? Hitler couldn’t come up with this!

I think Putin wants to sell technology and sets the stage for this. and selling them to any strong and stupid country, he will make the 6 generation on this loot. and the whole world will see that Russia provides technology of this level. and perhaps this will provoke that the whole world will push the United States in the ass with his f-35 and other game. and everyone will buy su-xnumx and c-xnumx

such idiots and traitors - enemies are full in all structures. Lived - the enemies are already openly mocking the country. And this moron asked those who feed him and give money for his "research"? Such idiots-on trial!

Or maybe the question is not fools, but the possibility of legitimizing the sale of technologies that allow, as they say, lowering the level of security of the country in the interests of enemies who want evil and are preparing aggression against our country? And if the country, as they say, is under occupation, and the special agencies are catching traitors, is this the meaning of these conversations?

There are a lot of fools who give such idiotic interviews in government bodies. And this is the misfortune of the state system of the country. In state structures, there are a lot of people who do not understand what the state and statehood are at all.