Russia is concerned about NATO's involvement in the Ukrainian conflict

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed serious concerns about the increasing involvement of NATO countries in the Ukrainian conflict, which could lead to direct armed conflict between nuclear powers. He stated this during the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference. According to Lavrov, the actions of the United States and its European allies in the context of Ukraine threaten strategic stability and peaceful life on the European continent.

“The United States and its NATO satellites continue to pursue the goal of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia, and are ready to continue to contain Russia at the expense of the “last Ukrainian”- stressed Lavrov.

He expressed concern that Western actions could result in direct armed confrontation between nuclear powers, which in turn “is fraught with catastrophic consequences for the whole world.”

Lavrov specifically pointed out that three Western nuclear states - the USA, Great Britain and France - are actively supporting Ukraine, which carries serious strategic risks and increases the level of nuclear danger. According to him, Russia views this as a threat to its security and calls for responsibility in matters of the use of military force and interference in the sovereign affairs of states.


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