Russia deceived the Americans and the Japanese by not allowing the S-400 systems to be hacked

It became known why Russia deployed the S-300V4 on the Kuril Islands, and not the S-400.

The deployment of the Russian S-300V4 air defense systems on Iturup Island caused some confusion among specialists, who assumed that S-400 complexes would be put on alert here, having a much greater detection range of aerodynamic and ballistic targets, and an increased affected area. Nevertheless, analysts believe that they have found a reason why the Triumphs never appeared on Iturup by curious Japanese and Americans who could easily hack into Russian complexes, flying up to them at a distance of several kilometers.

“The deployment of the same S-400s on Iturup would make it possible to control every American F-35 flying in Japanese airspace, but this would give the Pentagon much more - the ability to constantly scan Russian systems, moreover, directly from Japan, at such a pace to find an approach to breaking the radars and systems of the S-400 air defense missile system would be possible in a maximum of a year ", - emphasizes the specialist.

At the same time, the S-300V4 complexes are highly effective air defense systems, and their capabilities are quite sufficient to ensure the protection of the Russian eastern borders from any threats, especially against the backdrop of clearly aggressive rhetoric from the United States and Japan.

All this is nonsense. There is no money in the treasury. Therefore, we installed a cheaper system.

the Americans, together with the Turks, have already tried to hack them, but so far to no avail.

The author wants to say that you can't hack with 300 ?!

S-300 - Shaitanama, however. Russian handsome, however

There is an export version, trimmed performance characteristics

The Turks' С400 can rise and according to our command, probably, it was not in vain that we sold them to them.

Placing the S-400 on Iturup is dangerous from the point of view of hacking, but what about the sale to Turkey? Best friend or what?

S-400 are on Sakhalin.

All this is nonsense and dilettantism. Don't write what you don't know. What does "hack" mean? It is not possible for hackers to penetrate the database. And the radiation parameters, placement in the position, etc., they will remove the "secrets" of the S-400 in Crimea, and the supply of the S-400 to Turkey only contributes to this - the algorithms for processing and generating signals and radiation, mathematics, etc., are hardly different in them. from our S-400, or completely insignificant, which in peacetime cannot be determined.

The Turks were sold the EXPORT version of the S-400 And this, somewhat different S-400, as we have! If not to say that, AT ALL not like that!

Better a sensible ensign and a barrier))) and a submachine gunner for reinforcement.

Did the author forget about the S-400 that were sold to the Turks? (NATO country)

Well, I don’t know ... It’s necessary not to give the opportunity to hack the S-300, right?
Therefore, it is better to place the S-200 there. Better yet, the C-75. Is it logical?

The article is just super. It resembles a conversation between grandmothers on a bench at the entrance of a house in a military town.

Airplanes can crawl through an unprotected hole, ships can get into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and land anywhere on the coast. And for what purpose, well, letting the mausoleum be blown up ... It's a joke of course, but the question is not worth smoking in the attack, this is our fence.

no, there are Poles, not Americans)))

I wonder if the S-400 in the Kaliningrad region cannot be hacked from the territory of Poland or Germany?

Dear Author, did you yourself serve in the ZRV? At least "urgent". Even the S-300, which was provoked on September 1, 1983, to identify the operating frequencies of which, is capable of operating in a "passive mode" on the echo of an "alien" RPU. In addition, in the export version, there are never combat chains designed to work in "wartime". And all day-to-day activity is only at "peacetime" frequencies, which any reconnaissance receiver determines in 15 microseconds.

Don't talk nonsense. About 400 thousand were transferred from Germany and not "2 million". The total number of the TOTAL Far Eastern Front in 1945 was 1.7 million.
The number of Japanese forces stationed in Manchuria, South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands numbered up to 5,5 million soldiers and officers

How to hack it. if he still works on calculators

Nonsense! Throughout the Second World War, we kept an army of up to a million people in the Far East for a possible repulsion of the Japanese attack. However, from May to July 1945, about 2 million people were transferred there from Germany, and by the beginning of the Japanese company we had an almost 3-fold numerical advantage over the Kwantung Army.

Written by a specialist who cannot even fully control his smartphone ...

The Kwantung Army was also TWO as many Soviet troops in 1945, but it was defeated in 28 days. Learn history!

Why put something there at all. the grouping of Japan and America is a head larger than the Russian one. Sleep in two hours. And there is nothing special to defend there. And all the parity there is held only by nuclear weapons.

I wonder what is meant by the expression "hack the missile defense system"? Conduct radio reconnaissance frequency, slicing, potential and peacetime scanning algorithms? Duc is not a secret for anyone, we also have all the parameters of foreign funds, incl. Patriot, brlr f16, ejis and so on. Just what does it do?

It seems that the commentary was given by a real "specialist".

How beautiful! The mouse hid in a hole and deceived the cat. This is a smart mouse. And the cat now has problems, well, she will not see the tail of the mouse. Who won?

Everything is hacked. Even something that cannot be hacked. It all depends on time and basic equipment.

Can't S-300 be hacked ?? And new ones are hacked ?? What the hell?

Alexander, it's funny :)) The USA yelled hysterically about them, but NATO did not know))
Here, little by little, "threads" of information, while contradictory and controversial in their truth, are beginning to seep, that the Turks, after the test over Ankara, tried to "figure out" what was the point and broke the S-400 :))
The system is protected like this. what used to be called non-extraction .. :)) They write that Turkey hastily abandoned the use of the S-400 ... Why is that?
Maybe it's fake, let's wait and see

It's good that NATO does not even know that Turkey has and operates the C400, otherwise NATO members would have hacked it !!!

That's great, but in order not to hack the C500, it must be removed from production!

In the 60s, there was a joke that the USSR had developed a pill for tanks. I swallowed a pill and there are no tanks!

And where does this information come from that the S-400 is hacked like nuts from the US media? ))