Russia surpasses China by the number of patients with coronavirus by 290%

Russia began to overtake China in the number of patients with coronavirus at an alarming rate.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum, ahead of China, where a few weeks ago the situation seemed catastrophic, by 290%.

Starting from March 29, 2020, no more than a hundred new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection per day are registered in China, while the number of convalescing people is growing rapidly, and as a result, there are only 2020 coronavirus patients in the PRC today. Nevertheless, in Russia the situation is becoming close to critical. According to the operational headquarters, to date, 5890 people have the disease in Russia, which is more than 290% more than in China.

“Today there is no way to argue that the situation with coronavirus in Russia is stabilizing, and even more so to say that coronavirus has declined. The number of cases only continues to grow, and, obviously, the peak situation is still quite far away. The only encouraging factor is the minimal number of deaths. ”, - the expert marks.

Nevertheless, it should be clarified that the number of coronavirus cases in the world has finally stepped over a critical point, and although current statistics do not allow us to judge stabilization or decline, analysts believe that for the whole world the coronavirus has already begun to recede, although in some countries the situation is only continuing to worsen .

Where are the guarantees that the number of deaths is not voiced.

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The figures are not quite correct. Russia has begun, China is in decline. Even taking into account the population.