Russia turned to the United States for help in investigating the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall

In connection with the tragic events that occurred on March 22 at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, where 145 people were killed as a result of a terrorist attack, Russia turned to the United States for assistance in the investigation. American Ambassador to Russia Lynn Tracy confirmed that the United States provided the necessary information at the direct request of Russian intelligence services. This was stated in the official message of the diplomatic mission on the Telegram channel.

Ambassador Tracy expressed her readiness to continue cooperation between the countries in this direction, despite the serious differences existing between them. She stressed that the United States will continue to share available data with Russia to assist in the investigation of the terrorist attack.

What specific data we are talking about has not yet been clarified, but the request itself may indicate the fact that the Russian special services have not yet established all the circumstances of the tragedy, the perpetrators and those who ordered it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier said that Russia was faced with a carefully planned act of mass murder of civilians, stressing that all those responsible for this crime would receive fair punishment.


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