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Russia announced military action against NATO

NATO's refusal to comply with Russian demands forced Russia to take military measures.

The negotiations with NATO in Brussels, which ended in failure for the Russian side, forced Russia to decide to use a complex of military measures against the North Atlantic alliance. Such a step has already been called the Russian counter-containment policy and, based on the statement of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Alexander Grushko, Russia has more than enough military-technical means to counter NATO - they will be used immediately.

“We have a set of military-technical measures, legal, which we will apply if we feel a real threat to security, and we already feel if our territory is considered as an object for targeted strike weapons. Of course, we cannot agree with this. We will take all necessary measures to fend off the threat by military means, if it does not work out with political means. ", - said Alexander Grushko following the meeting in Brussels.

It is not known what exactly military measures against NATO mean, however, given the fact that Russia is armed with the most powerful electronic countermeasures systems, now NATO military units located in threatening proximity to the Russian borders will be suppressed by these non-lethal means, which , by the way, refers to warships, as well as reconnaissance and combat aircraft. Nevertheless, it is expected that the final decision will be made by the Russian side in the coming weeks.

It is enough to thin out the grouping of military and dual-use NATO/US satellites. No casualties, but the consequences ...

No one is already creeping - our generals and colonels have no "daughters" abroad, and those who are there - let them decide for themselves who they want to live with and how to die.

What a delightful kvass drink.

And now, wherever you look, if we go, then in that direction - there are only depressions around ...

Bulk? What decisive action does the master require?

About a hundred ways are known to lure a bear out of its den. And not a single one to drive him back.

Not later, but at the same time!

It seems to me that the military-technical response of Russia to the US and NATO will look like this - EW and EMP systems will block the sky of Ukraine and all the bases and points where the military of NATO and the US are located. They will enter the Stone Age there, planes don't fly, phones don't ring, cars don't start. How long will they survive at sub-zero temperatures, when there is no elementary electricity? I think that the howl will rise in the very first hours of operation of our electronic warfare. Americans, British, Poles and other brave warriors will have to sled on foot, on horseback and on bicycles to the Polish border.
Or, do you think that they will fight to the death for an independent and independent Nenka and for democratic values?
They won’t, I assure you, Afghanistan has shown that all these warriors are very liquid for reprisals, they put with the device on the vaunted democracy when it comes to their lives and dry underpants.

NATO puppets are barking at the "Elephant". The first slap in the face in response to the main customer -
"The key phrase said by Vladimir Putin will be fulfilled that in the event of a war the first strike will be carried out on the decision-making centers. This means that if aggression is shown against us, we will strike the first strike at the United States and only then at NATO forces in Europe."

Michael, I completely agree with you, you are right in everything. How much can you bow. to express concern. Of course, ruling the state is not playing billiards. The bear must (must) give his voice, but it is better to show fangs and claws in action at least sometimes.

come on, let's see

They go fast but not always in the right direction

Another 33 Chinese warning and expression of concern. Sometime, at least something Dear will do something real, at least diplomatically, or can it only puff out his cheeks and make threatening speeches?

And what will happen? "Bear" disease?

Thank God! At least one reasonable person.

We creep because "our officials" have everything there, abroad. Property, accounts, children, grandchildren, soul, conscience - everything is there.

Europe is not going to fight for Ukraine... And if the US decides to fight for Ukraine on its own, will Europe support it or stand aside?

I agree 100% here!!! I think most of us are. But, unfortunately, there will be nothing like that. There, children live abroad, houses stand, pools splash ...

Again empty words-threats. Putin is incapable of action. Military measures require brave, independent people, not Putin.

It is interesting to see how the children of the deputies will fight and on whose side?!

Whatever they decide, the US Senate will do the opposite, contrary to even common sense

The Russians harness slowly, but they drive fast!!!

To calm our conscience, we peacefully used everything we could.

Am I the only one feeling deja vu? Hitler also signed a non-aggression pact on August 23, 39th, why do we need guarantees from NATO, the same pact? To delay what, what cannot be avoided? From the west, the country is completely surrounded, they demand to sit down and shut up, wait until they develop supersonic sound and drive it to the border. That is, they will sign a pact for a couple of years. Two weeks for them to agree on the requirements put forward, two weeks later they received a warning about a missile attack on military bases in Poland and Lithuania. If it is not enough to give a week for the removal of weapons from Ukraine, if there is no disarmament of Ukraine by force. And then we respond with the same sanctions that are put forward to us, namely, the complete cessation of the supply of any raw materials and reorientation to the east.

If Putin suggested it! So he knows what he's doing.

When this is not enough, uranium gifts will be used

without communication, the war can be won against the natives with bows.

I have something to do with the Armed Forces of the RV, troops without communications will be like rams. And electronic warfare can burn electronics.

Radio countermeasures? Electromagnetic suppression? This is serious? Pale, unconvincing ...

Whoever comes to us with a sword will die from it !!!!

Why actually turn to NATO? Wouldn't it be better to first warn Georgia and Ukraine on good terms. Mole, guys, a quarrel is a quarrel, but what you want should not be done, otherwise we will have to do this and that. And it would be more correct not only to talk to the leaders, but to address directly the commoner. I am sure that many will reflect and have their say.

We have already bought all the diapers! Have mercy!

Black is the miracle of naivety.

The expression "Failed ..." is an incorrect expression! It is necessary to write: "Completed with a negative result ...."! Because a "negative result" is also a result! And no one failed anywhere !!!

It is naive to think that Russia has nothing to defend against NATO on its doorstep, or that Russia is afraid of them. If the bear is awakened, it will not seem a little!

They would rather suppress themselves than NATO. It is naive to think that the setting of electromagnetic interference will deprive the enemy of the opportunity to fight.

We are looking forward to the actions of the Russian Federation in relation to NATO ...