Dagger missile system


Russia announces deployment of Dagger hypersonic missile systems near NATO borders

Russia has begun deploying hypersonic missile systems near NATO borders.

According to the information voiced by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the western borders of Russia will be additionally reinforced with the Kinzhal hypersonic aircraft missile systems. From the data presented, it follows that Russian hypersonic missiles, capable of hitting ground targets with high accuracy at distances of up to 1,5-2 thousand kilometers, will be deployed in the Western Military District.

To date, the ARC "Dagger" is in service only with the Southern Military District, however, obviously, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has decided to deploy additional complexes "Dagger" and their carriers in the Western Military District, and, above all, this is positioned as reinforcement with tactical weapons, which probably due to the strengthening of the NATO grouping near the borders of Russia.

“First of all, these are operational-tactical weapons that change or affect the situation in the region at specific points where they may be used. This increases the potential for influencing the enemy and can play a role on the geopolitical scales. We see an increase in efforts, the creation of new combat capabilities ", - said representatives of the Russian defense department.

The exact areas of deployment of Russian hypersonic weapons are still unknown, as well as the number of carrier aircraft, in the role of which are MiG-31 fighters, is not specified, however, earlier there was evidence that at least two MiG-31 fighters with missile systems " Dagger "may appear on the territory of neighboring Belarus.

I just want to ask ... And where is the "NATO" country, that someone is deploying weapons at its borders?

two carriers for 10 missiles)))) or are there other official figures ...?))