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Russia officially responded to Yerevan's demands: there will be no military aid to Armenia

Russia has given an official response to Pashinyan's request to provide military assistance to Armenia.

After the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin fulfill his obligations to protect the country's territory within the framework of existing treaties, the Russian Foreign Ministry officially refused to support Yerevan, noting that Russian peacekeeping forces would also not be deployed to Karabakh, so how official Baku spoke out against the presence of third forces in this region.

“In connection with the appeal of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia N.V. Pashinyan to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin with a request to start consultations in order to determine the type and amount of assistance that the Russian Federation can provide to the Republic of Armenia to ensure its security, we reaffirm our commitment Of the Russian Federation to the allied obligations with respect to the Republic of Armenia, including those arising from the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia of August 29, 1997. A number of articles of this Treaty presuppose specific actions in the event of a threat of armed attack or an act of aggression in relation to each other's territory. In accordance with the Treaty, Russia will provide Yerevan with all the necessary assistance if the clashes are transferred directly to the territory of Armenia ", - about it reported press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Experts draw attention to the fact that such a decision was entirely expected, since the existing agreements refer exclusively to Armenia, and not to the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Nevertheless, this fact may well mean that Armenia may request assistance from other countries, in particular, we are talking about the United States, and this will seriously undermine Russia's reputation in this region.

A few hours ago, Azerbaijan officially announced that it categorically opposed the presence of any peacekeeping forces in Karabakh, which means that Russian peacekeepers will not be deployed in this region.

Пожалуй мы не будем мешать армянам, проживающим в России оказывать материальную поддержку Армении, ехать туда и пополнять армянскую армию. . .

Take my word for it, in the markets, as a rule, the overwhelming majority of Azerbaijanis since the days of the USSR.

Bravo Alena. Well said. There are a lot of Armenians in the Russian Federation and they make money, and the Russian should fight for them, yes)))

Those who do not remember the past have no future, they touch everyone without exception.

The Armenians in the Great Patriotic War fought not for Russia, but for the whole country, and especially themselves - Turkey was de facto an ally of Hitler, and if Russia fell, the world would no longer hear anything about Armenia. The Turks would have finished what they started in 1915, in Yerevan .....

Where is their homeland? Those who are in Russia. Half of them have never seen her. Business in Russia, but what awaits in Armenia? Mobilization?
Are you naive

After the Russian flags were burned at the demonstrations in Yerevan, and there were posters of the Russian invaders, I will never help them. And if you go into history, before the war with the Vashists, the Russian Empire saved them from complete genocide, so that the one who betrayed them once, will betray again, and more than once.

Defending your homeland is a sacred cause. To be involved in death for emptiness, even assessments, is meaningless before life itself.

Quite recently, all of Armenia jumped and drove the Russians away.
And now Russia should fit in for Armenia?
Are we crazy?

Russia needs to unilaterally withdraw from the ODKB as we received a slap in the face and a spit in the face Armenians trampled flags, burned Russia the US Embassy, ​​one of the largest in Yerevan 2500 people, this is how to understand Russia that in order to wipe its feet on it once the Armenians called Russia occupants and they want the Russian base not to be, so don't need to, I have one question, don't delete the author, there are 3 million Armenians in Russia, of which there are 80 divisions for a million men, even if a third goes and throws off money from the Armenians, most of the many, what kind of weapons they want to buy and protect Karabakh, if they don’t do it, then they will have to say goodbye to Karabakh, and possibly to Yerevan, they don’t feel sorry for their homeland.

It was only read in the nizkas: Russia saved from genocide. They did not believe, they thought they came up with it. Well, Armenians, then Georgians, then Bulgarians.
The more I get to know the "brothers" the more I respect Turks.

So what is the problem, even if the Armenians from the Russian Federation go and defend their ethnic lands, we have more Armenians than in Armenia, it would be fair for them to go, the atoms from the couch can only chat and collect help, but neither can fight ..

Absolutely give a damn about his career. How can you even talk about the career of a small politician when the result of his activities is the death of people and the loss of territory?

How insatiable and bloodthirsty these Turk-Azeri traders are. You watch Turkish films, they give a sword to their 4-year-old children and teach them how to cut their heads.
Why are they just now woken up and decided to claim their lands? The whole world knows that their whole history is falsified. Where they live now, everything belonged to Great Armenia. You know, if the Armenians are angry, they can attack Azerbaijan tomorrow and say well, since then, then all your Azerbaijan was ours to return to us.

Why didn't you ask Crimea in the squad then? Armenia may not be eager to join someone, but! Remember that Armenia, together with the entire Soviet Union, stood up to defend the fatherland from Nazi Germany, more than 300000 Armenians were killed. And today you are looking at the peaceful sky above your head. And it would probably be more correct to help them now in difficult times. It's okay that Muslim Chechnya and Dagestan are part of Russia? Armenians are Christians just like you. And apart from kindness, generosity, hospitality and care, they will not offend you in any way.

Before asking for such help from anyone, Armenia must officially recognize Karabakh as its territory.

It's just that Nagorno-Karabakh is the land of Azerbaijan, and before that, Armenians and Azerbaijanis and even other nationalities lived there very well in friendship and harmony, as well as now these two nations live in Russian territory in friendship, especially in the markets. I. Aliyev offers them to return the land and live again as before, but the Armenians do not agree to this. It means that it is beneficial for someone in Armenia not to agree to this offer.

Only one clarification: "Calibers" fell to the ground of SYRIA.

Who is waiting for you there? There, with their blackness, in the face of the Turks, they cannot figure it out, there are still others here.

And instead of Armenians, you will work in the markets. You will die of hunger faster than you can master their work.

The appeal of the Catholicos of All Armenians dated 12.06.1988/50/52, which is given in the book by G. Shakhnazarov "Destiny" (p.40-60 in Armenian). Here is his address: “It's no secret that our lands do not belong to us yet, but the time will come to conquer and populate them. Over the past 80 years, Armenians have occupied the lands of their ancestors. There are XNUMX% of them. The lands in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories are gradually being freed from the Russian influence ... In Armavir, Northern Armenia (as the Armenians call the Rostov Region), XNUMX% of our land ... and if we act wisely, we will populate the Rostov Region ... of our supporters in high positions in Moscow. "

But the states approved the deployment of their forces in Karabakh. Let's look at the development of events. It’s very interesting to see if a swing will arise with the Turks.

But the States made a decision to deploy their forces in Karabakh! What to expect

This formula is sucked from the thumb and outdated "over 2000 years ago." The region (any!) Is owned by the one who will reach it from his territory and can inflict critical irreparable damage on the enemy and will be able to dictate his own conditions, and now remember the footage of strikes with Caliber for thousands of kilometers. And now squeal there whatever you want, and somewhere in another part of the continent RUSSIA will decide which side to support and which one to destroy (remotely!), In a few minutes !!

the states have given the go-ahead to accommodate 200 troops to arrive in November.

Armenia did not prepare properly for the war with Azerbaijan and all these years rested on the laurels of past victories.
At present, frantically clinging to power, Pashinyan has ruined the lives of thousands of Armenian servicemen ineptly and senselessly. After the inevitable defeat of Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, he will face the collapse of his political career.

Let them turn to the States for help. And we will look and laugh ... Refusal to intervene in the Karabakh conflict will absolutely not negatively affect the reputation of Russia. Rather, the opposite is true. It will become clear to many that there is no need to spit in the well, and who will then want to get drunk ...

The best way out for Armenia now is to cede the disputed territories to Azerbaijan, withdraw from the CSTO and join NATO.

It is not profitable for Russia to "restore" the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Turkey will immediately drag it into NATO

Until the last Armenian from Russia leaves for the war, Russian troops are not needed there.

Everything is said correctly, only, please, there is no need to include Armenia in Russia. It is better to send all Armenians from Russia to Armenia. For independent bread, so to speak!

Armenia already DEMANDS from Russia? Soon Krasrodar and other lands will demand from Russia.


Oh, the USA is not up to Armenia now. Until they sort out their elections, everything will end in Karabakh.
Everyone answered Pashinyan on the case. Let him first disperse the soros, punish those who trampled on Russian flags, restore Russian schools ... and then we can talk about some kind of help.
There is no "influence", but there is a half-life. In Russia, the collapse of the USSR is over, but not yet surrounded. Do not interfere with the natural course of events. After some time, they themselves will want to go back under the wing.

Don't you want to ask Russia? Why do we need Armenia as a member? Thank you, don't, sort it out yourself.

Are they attacking or attacking? If they don't attack, there will be no help.

This is the solution to the problem. 1. Azerbaijan liberates Karabakh as a whole. 2. The Armenian population of Karabakh is settling in villages on the territory of the Armenian state, which have been deserted for decades. 3. The Azerbaijani state bears the costs of resettlement of the Armenian population. 4. The entire Azerbaijani population returns to Karabakh. 5. The State of Armenia, like Kaliningrad, is abolished and becomes part of the Russian Federation. 6. Azerbaijan recognizes Armenia and the Crimean peninsula as part of Russia. It's no secret that most of the Karabakh Armenians and Armenian Armenians live in Russia and send their earnings to Armenia. If there are Russian soldiers on the border with Armenia, why should Armenians consider themselves independent?

Pashinyan, speaking to representatives of the CSTO member states, demanded that the CSTO provide assistance to Armenia because Muslims are attacking it (Armenia) (here the representatives of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan began to have a nervous tic in their left eye), who, moreover, also nomads (the representatives of Kazakhstan, and after him also the representatives of Kyrgyzstan, began to have a nervous tic on the right eye). After Pashinyan's speech, in accordance with the CSTO Charter, the issue of providing assistance to Armenia was put to a vote :))))))