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Russia officially lost 35 drones in Syria

The documented losses of Russian drones were 35 units.

Since the start of the Russian military campaign in Syria, there have been 35 documented losses of Russian unmanned aerial vehicles. The actual number of lost drones may be much higher, however, thanks to the relatively cheap drones, the Russian military managed to collect valuable information and successfully eliminate several thousand jihadists.

According to the information provided, the greatest losses are among the Russian reconnaissance drones "Orlan-10" - the loss of 20 drones has been documented, while the loss of such UAVs is also reported as:

  • Garnet-4 (3 drones);
  • ZALA-421 (3 drones);
  • Eleron-3SV (2 drones);
  • Tachyon (1 drone);
  • Ptero (1 drone);
  • Outpost (2 drones);
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles of an unknown model (2 drones).

It should be noted that not all of the drones were shot down by jihadist groups and terrorists - some of them fell due to technical problems, which, in general, indicates that the use of UAVs in the campaign in Syria is very successful.

And who knocks them down and with what weapon

just did not understand who was documenting, and why the information is being distributed to the left to the right ... ???)

can not be !!! Russia admitted that they had losses, otherwise you read and see only victories))

Syria is a testing ground for running in and testing new weapons !!! That says it all.

I didn’t add up because I’m glad that Russian drones were lost. But because there are dozens of drones lost, that is, the combat experience of their use. And for a weapon, such experience is invaluable.