Russia released 60 Ukrainian soldiers from captivity

60 Ukrainian soldiers were handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of another exchange of prisoners.

This afternoon, another exchange of prisoners took place between the Russian and Ukrainian sides. During the negotiations, agreements were reached on the return of 60 military personnel and volunteers from each side. Thus, in two weeks, more than two hundred Russian military and volunteers have been released from captivity. At the same time, according to a number of data, the Ukrainian side received a slightly larger number of prisoners due to the use of a special exchange formula.

How many Russian prisoners of war are in total on the territory of Ukraine is unknown, while information on the number of Ukrainian servicemen in captivity is also not announced. Nevertheless, the increasing cases of prisoner exchanges indicate that the dialogue between Moscow and Kyiv is still quite actively supported, although there is no talk of diplomatic relations.

Earlier it became known that more than 150 servicemen and volunteers were released from Ukrainian captivity.


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