Su-24 bombers


Russia repulsed the provocation of the American missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea with another attack of the Su-24

The US provocation against Russia did not work - the Russian Su-24 chased the Donald Cook again

The hidden struggle between Russia and the United States is no longer a secret. This confrontation has already been noticed many times, and more recently a provocation has taken place from the United States.

The data, cited by the journalists of the Chinese edition "Sohu", reported that the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook" headed for the Baltic Sea. In turn, the response to their actions was the arrival of Russian front-line bombers Su-24, which went threateningly towards the ship. After that, NATO sent a Belgian F-16 fighter jet in order to secure the further advance of its ship.

With this maneuver, Russia gave a good rebuff to the actions of the United States and hinted that they were bad jokes, but this is not the first time that the United States has checked the military presence of Russia.

The United States has repeatedly feared strengthening the Russian Navy and, in order to curb the modernization of Russian warships, back in January 2019, the American destroyer Donald Cook entered the Black Sea for the first time, as reported in an article by the Chinese publication "Sohu."

It is obvious that Russia is a very real threat to the United States. The relations between the two countries have been of key importance throughout the world for one and a half hundred years, however, in recent years they have become very aggravated.