VCS of Russia in Syria


Russia refused to help liberate Syria?

Russian VCS will no longer participate in the liberation of Syria?

Despite the fact that a large-scale offensive operation in the south-west of Syria has already begun, and fierce fighting has been fought in the border areas with the Jordan and Israel, Russian aerial reconnaissance aircraft have not been seen in air strikes. Independent military analysts believe that the blame for everything was the influence of Israel, since last week Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the conversation clearly concerned the further actions of Russian military security services in the offensive operation to free the south- western part of the Syrian Arab Republic.

At the moment, it is known that the Syrian Air Force is participating in the offensive operation, although it was initially reported that Russia plans to use its fighters and bombers in the offensive, and later, 8 Russian attack helicopters were seen on one of the Syrian military bases, which were supposed to knock out militants from their current territory.

On the other hand, so far, there have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this matter, and therefore it is possible that Russia will also join the operation against militants, especially since earlier in the Mediterranean Sea was seen a small missile ship "Great Ustyug" armed with rockets "Caliber", capable of leveling the position of terrorists with the ground in just a few minutes.

"In recent weeks, the presence of Russian videoconferencing in Syria has been very passive, although the territory of this Arab republic is still occupied by Syrian militants and terrorists of the Islamic state (a terrorist group whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation and a number of other countries - ed.), although it is obvious that Russian military aircraft operate only with the coordination of operations with the military command of Syria, "the analyst notes.


All read and clever nothing met. The world of what is silent? It is necessary to decide everything, not just Washington. Destroy the World. The game goes through the UK. And the result is one. A military business show needs to destroy the country behind the country. The world: to stop a pair of this lawlessness.

and not to strike us (as Amerkans) in places of production of toxic gases from Igilovites? that we just make excuses !! 1

Played a war and waking up, the main thing is to leave in time!

If the colonel of the Syrian army was shot because he overtook the car of nephew Asad, who had a habit of not traveling and crawling to collect a column behind him, who were afraid to overtake this scoundrel. Almost all the relatives of Bashar behaved the same way. Alawites are unbelievers, they are not Muslims or Christians. In fact they are pagans.

Yes, just the World Cup in football with us. How will end, the warriors will go to war again :) :)

And what's the problem go fight.

Strange calculations, for whom Alawites, how many Sunites .. If it worked in Russia would still rule the dynasty of the Romanovs. But..

The population of Syria is about 17mlnalavita 3,5mln. Accordingly, there is nothing to dream about any kind of election elections! Actually, the war began because of the dictates of the Alawite minority in relation to the rest of the population.

Well, what do you think of a skiff for today's VKS participation? kid you are "pro-masson")))

About the Alawites is not entirely true. At me familiar Syrians. Before the war, 40% for Bushara, the rest against. But getting acquainted with American friends from IGIL is now the reverse 60% for, 40 against. Those. Bashar is now the legitimate boss and the elections would have won. If it were not for funding from the US and Israel and France, the whole bastard would have been dispersed there long ago. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, now the Taliban are good, they are against the US, but generally the Taliban are Pakistanis. If they had not been baptized then they would not have captured anything.

two malaners conspired

Wali from Russia no one is offended.

Many sell themselves want to sell someone else. Why do not they think these traders are paying us for this? But on this and they are called traders, from the beginning of bargaining then they are sheep. And where is Putin here if you are a sheep yourself.

"... Russian Aerospace Forces act only when coordinating operations with the Syrian military command"
- Nonsense full. Russia is developing operations, and the Sirians in them are extras and a living force.

more precisely, it should be said: the Jõdo-Masons tilt pu and the tramp

That's the end of the world championship, and everything will be the same as before, everyone will get both netanyahu and Igilovka

If you are a sucker, then the brains are lower than your navel.

In fact, for Assad only allawits, of which in Syria 10%. The rest are Sunnis (co-religionists of our Muslims) who are all against Assad. Can not forgive him 500 000 killed. And allawites and so all mobilized. since When the Sunnis take over, the Allawites will immediately become extinct people. And you with 2011 year and did not suck up the alignment?

Do not live, there are many such in London.

So ye .... from Russia. Does anyone hold you back?

... We do not care about your prestige, Russia: while you are in our country and deploy your armed forces here, bombardments of the main centers of this country are taking place ....

And Russia is important prestige, and not howling and wantling cowards.
The Vietnamese themselves shot down and did not complain. And they bombed them every day. Our people were there with them, under bombing, and no one asked vile questions about the USSR.
Cowardly and infamous Arabs, in a word. Everything would be happy, but with someone else's hands.
It is necessary to be harder with them.
I recall the talk show of the years so 2014-15, when IGIL absorbed the territory of Syria with great speed.
Ask the Syriac on the air: Why do Syrians-men flee the country, and do not go to protect it? Why Assad will not announce a general mobilization?
In response, the Syrian spread his hands with a sly smile.

Command the parade of Syria, and here Russia? They will say - bomb bomb, no - they will manage themselves

so leave already!

Our Rasha is like a swindler - only in words we can all fall and help, but time comes, and we fail everything. I hate living in such a country

Was Utin sold to the Masons? Let's join the US immediately, and we can save a lot of lard, we need it. Yugoslavia surrendered, Iraq surrendered, Libya surrendered, well now Syria is on its way



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