Russia takes revenge on the Turks for the Forpost drone shot down over Syria

In response to the destruction of the drone, Russia struck a powerful blow against the Turks.

The Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle "Forpost", shot down a few hours ago, was avenged by the Russian military by the destruction of a large group of Turkish mercenaries, who, by the way, could well have been involved in the defeat of the drone.

According to information available to the news agency, just minutes after Turkish jihadists destroyed a Russian reconnaissance UAV, a minibus carrying a group of Turkish mercenaries was hit. As a result of an accurate strike, all the militants were destroyed. At the same time, there is information that key field commanders were in the minibus and the Russian "Forpost" was just tracking them with the aim of their subsequent liquidation.

The image shows the destroyed minibus itself. Judging by the damage, he was hit by artillery. On this score, so far, there are no official statements either from the Syrian or from the Russian defense departments.

It should be noted that according to sources, the Russian Forpost UAV was shot down by MANPADS. This indicates a danger to military aircraft used to deliver strikes.

Revenged perfectly, google "turkey bus with pilots"

Especially for you Ivan.
According to media reports, in the area of ​​the village, where the Turks shot the pilot of the Su-24 shot down by Ankara, "a continuous fiery hell is going on." Militants on their video channels post videos on which the mountain is visible, literally shaking from the explosions of rockets, bombs and shells.

"Many videos show that the shelling is being conducted not only by multiple launch rocket systems, but also by aviation," the press writes. Also, Reuters reported that the Russian Navy had inflicted a cruise missile strike at the place of the pilot's death.

It would be better if Russia took revenge for our pilots shot down by the Turks and the pilots who died ..

photos and videos were taken in different places

This is not an Outpost.