Russia sent three nuclear submarines to the Baltic Sea

Three nuclear-powered submarines of the Russian Navy are sent to the Baltic Sea on unknown missions.

The command of the Russian Navy decided to send three nuclear submarines into the waters of the Baltic Sea at once. The goals and objectives of the presence of the latter in this region remain unknown. Analysts say the appearance of Russian submarines carrying both cruise and intercontinental ballistic missiles is NATO's response to provocations near Russian borders.

A little earlier, the news agency reported that at the moment there is one Russian nuclear submarine armed with more than a hundred cruise missiles in the Baltic Sea, however, the appearance of at least two more submarines is a tough NATO response to the escalation of tensions among Russian borders.

“One Russian nuclear submarine is enough to successfully destroy half of NATO forces in Europe. When it comes to three submarines capable of carrying nuclear weapons, the Alliance should think about its behavior, since Russia may consider the same invasion of Russian territorial waters an aggression and in a few minutes there will be no trace of half of Europe. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

Today Russia has one of the most efficient fleets, and with the adoption of Poseidon submarines, Russia can easily destroy even a large coastal country within a few hours.

So these depths are only in ONE PLACE on the Baltic Sea ...

The proverb, the more oak trees in the army, the stronger our defense .... it turns out to be relevant to this day !!!

And who is not going to hide and is not going to, 150 meters is enough to secretly carry out the task.

Three "spoons" in one in one glass is cool.
It is difficult to think of a better case for eliminating them.
I am at a loss to guess who we have this "Cossack" ..?

So after all, they have already commented that in the Baltic and one cannot hide:
Alexander ... Jul 09, 2021 at 13:41
By the way, why did the boat even wander there !? Scratching the bottom of the Danish straits ?! Baltic:
"Average depth 55 m (180 ft)
Maximum. depth 459 m (1,506 ft) "

And here as many as three? Will they crawl along the Nord Stream?

The nuclear submarine in the Baltic Sea is a dash target.



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