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Russia sent a huge plane to the United States with medical care for Americans

Russia delivered to the United States medical supplies for patients with the coronavirus COVID-19.

Despite the fact that the United States imposed powerful sanctions against Russia, and today this country is a potential opponent of Russia, it became known that the Russian military delivered a large shipment of medical care to the United States intended for patients with a new type of coronavirus infection.

The data on the transfer by the Russian side of the United States of humanitarian aid was voiced personally by the American leader, thanking Moscow for such a step and calling such actions very nice.

“Against the backdrop of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Russia sent the US medical equipment to fight infection. This, according to CNN, at a daily briefing on the coronavirus in the White House, US President Donald Trump said: “Russia sent us a very large plane full of medical equipment. It's very sweet, ”Trump said. The American leader mentioned that the United States also received assistance from China and other countries. He said that he was "very surprised" "- сообщает Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, citing CNN.

The information that has appeared is actively discussed on the Web, while Russian citizens have a lot of questions about the fact that Russia openly helps its adversary, despite the fact that American sanctions actually brought down the country's economy.

“Trump brought down our economy, imposed sanctions, regularly criticizes almost any actions of Moscow, but, despite this, Russia decides to help“ poor ”Washington. Indeed, “it is very nice,” but when will they help us? ”

“Such help is very reckless - in Russia the number of cases and deaths only continues to grow and it is not a fact that someone will help us”

Nevertheless, experts expressed doubts about the statement of Trump, noting that perhaps this is another bluff on the part of the American leader.

In Moscow, such a statement has not yet been commented.

I’ve never been over a hill over the entire period of my life — what you write about happened during your silence about the lambs, both the collapse of the USSR and the entire post-Soviet period — good health to you

but the fact that in our country there are no masks or antiseptics in pharmacies, this is normal ..... and it is not yet known how many ventilation devices are in hospitals, but everyone needs help. and their Russians will survive. Bravooooo

It is not the Russians who help, but those who have relatives and real estate over the hill. Try not to help ... As the famous hero said, "It's a shame for the State!"