Russia will repair all Syrian supersonic bombers Su-22M4

All Su-22M4 supersonic bombers will be repaired in Syria.

As part of military-technical cooperation, Russia has supplied new AL-21 engines to Syria, which will be used to repair the Su-22M4 supersonic bombers in service with the Syrian Air Force. According to data available to the news agency, we can talk about the supply of two dozen engines, which, when repaired by the Syrian army's Su-22M4 bombers, will significantly increase the country's defense capability.

The supply of AL-21 engines to Syria became known thanks to the published Syrian military photographs and relevant publications, while, judging by the photo, the repair of the Syrian supersonic Su-22M4 bombers has already begun.

Despite the fact that the Su-22M4 bombers are considered obsolete, these combat vehicles have proven themselves well in Syria and Libya. Due to their high reliability, these aircraft have been actively used and are currently being used to deliver operational strikes against enemy forces.

One of the reasons why the Syrian Air Force has recently stopped using these combat aircraft is the deterioration of the engine resource.

I wonder where the new AL-21s come from, which no one has been producing for a hundred years.

and another 20 inside the planes to send there

There is no one to work at UMPO factories, salaries are 25000 rubles!