Start-up of the rocket Caliber


Russia fired Caliber missiles at sea targets as a warning to NATO

The strike of the Russian submarine with Caliber cruise missiles was a warning to NATO.

The Russian submarine Kolpino, being in the waters of the Black Sea, launched several Caliber cruise missiles at sea targets and targets located in the coastal zone. The aim of the missile launches was to test the use of cruise missiles, but experts saw this as a direct message from the US and NATO, which is especially important after Washington’s recently announced plans to begin containing Russia in the region.

“The missiles successfully hit targets located on the coast in the Opuk range and in one of the marine ranges of the Black Sea Fleet. Starts were carried out from underwater position ", - RBC reports.

Specialists, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the most appropriate would be the use of Caliber cruise missiles against terrorists in Idlib, since in this case, the effectiveness of the use of these weapons, especially from an underwater position, would reveal all the positive and negative sides of Russian cruise missiles, moreover, this would also ensure the defeat of the militants' fortifications, since the latter are preparing for a possible confrontation with the SAA.

And as a rule, in the tradition of the Russian media, it should be noted: -NATO were very scared and ran away))