Airplane USA


Russia responded with a tough and unexpected counterattack to US provocations

Russia began to counterattack American aircraft near its borders.

The appearance of several American military aircraft near the Russian borders forced Russia to retreat from its strategy of containing the enemy and proceed to counterattacks. According to Russian media reports, since the beginning of this year, the Russian military no longer stand on ceremony with the aircraft of the US Air Force and Navy, and immediately raise their fighters into the air, which not only perform the identification procedure, but also drive away the potential enemy's aircraft from the borders of their airspace.

This behavior was also noticed by the eastern media, in particular, the Sohu edition drew attention to the fact that after two American warships broke into Russia's territorial waters last year, Russia began to act extremely harshly.

“Russia has begun to react toughly to the provocations of its American colleagues and is not going to deviate from this rule this year. These actions should be interpreted as a decisive counterattack by the RF Ministry of Defense in response to numerous provocative actions of the United States ", - emphasize the journalists of the publication.

Among other things, experts are convinced that now on any provocations by the United States with an invasion of the country's territorial waters or airspace, Russia will act extremely harshly, up to the opening of fire on ships and aircraft of violators without warning.