Russia expects a breakthrough of Ukrainian sabotage groups into the country - additional border posts are set up

The sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to break into the territory of Russia.

Against the background of the destabilization of the situation in Donbass, Russia expects a possible breakthrough into the country's territory from neighboring Ukraine by sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the emergence of such risks, Russia not only deployed nearly XNUMX tanks, MLRS, artillery and other weapons near the Ukrainian border, but also set up additional border posts near the border with Ukraine, carrying out, among other things, constant patrolling of border areas.

The border department of the FSB of the Russian Federation for the Belgorod and Voronezh regions has set up round-the-clock checkpoints on the 56th kilometer of the Boguchar-Kantemirovka highway (19 km in a straight line or about 30 km along the road from the Ukrainian border). Now, the appearance on this territory (both travel and passage) is allowed only upon presentation of identity documents. Moreover, infantry fighting vehicles were reportedly seen several kilometers from the Ukrainian border, allegedly moving through the fields, apparently on patrol.

According to experts, there are certain risks that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to arrange sabotage on the territory of Russia, especially given the fact that a huge number of armored vehicles are being deployed in field camps. Against this background, the Russian side decided to strengthen the border with Ukraine.

There must be army special forces raid groups involved .. normal practice

Do you really think that the saboteurs will try to break through the block posts ??? Will pass where there are no posts



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