Russia sends a whole regiment of MiG-29 fighters to Crimea

24 MiG-29 fighters will be temporarily deployed in Crimea.

Over the next few days, Russia intends to transfer an entire aviation regiment (24 combat aircraft - ed.) Of MiG-29 fighters to the Crimea. The speech, as the news agency Avia.pro found out, is about carrier-based fighters, which, it is claimed, will be on the peninsula for several months. It is reported that the fighters will be deployed at the ground test training complex ("NITKA").

“Approximately in the third decade of September, the 279th OKIAP on the Su-33 and Su-25UTG aircraft will return to the base airfield of the Northern Fleet. It will be replaced by the 100th OKIAP on MiG-29K / KUB aircraft ", - cites the data of the Russian news agency "TASS".

As part of the deployment of MiG-29 fighters in Crimea, it is planned to conduct trainings and train pilots to work with carrier-based aviation as part of an aircraft carrier. This is more than relevant, since in the near future the work related to the repair and modernization of the Russian heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" will be completed, which will ensure the readiness of carrier-based aircraft to fulfill the assigned tasks.