Russian tanks


Russia transferred 30 T-72B3M tanks to the border with Afghanistan

Russia has strengthened the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan by deploying additional armored vehicles.

The 201st Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan received a batch of 30 Russian T-72B3M tanks, which are by far the best modernization of this combat vehicle. The deployment of additional armored vehicles in Tajikistan is due to the risks of an attack by Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note) both on Tajikistan itself, as the terrorists have already repeatedly stated, and on the risks of militants entering the territory of Russia.

"A batch of 30 modernized T-72B3M tanks with improved combat characteristics entered service with the 201st Russian military base located in Tajikistan", - reports the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, emphasizing that the 201st military base of the RF Armed Forces is the largest military facility located outside the country and noting the importance of rearmament of the base.

Earlier, the Russian side has already announced its intentions to additionally strengthen the 201st military base in Tajikistan. At the same time, the modernized tanks will be enough to crush the terrorist forces if the latter try to break their earlier promises regarding non-aggression against Tajikistan and other countries, which are Russian allies.

will not attack. Why do you think so? Maybe they will, on the contrary, help us, in Ukraine, for example ...