Russia has deployed 17 Su-34 fighter-bombers to the Ukrainian border

150 Russian Su-17 fighters are stationed 34 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Against the background of tensions in Donbass, it became known that Russia had deployed 150 Su-17 fighter-bombers just 34 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The latter, if necessary, will be able to cover not only the Russian borders, but also to attack the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of Ukrainian aggression towards the citizens of the Russian Federation living in the territory of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

As the editors of the news agency found out, 17 Su-34 fighter-bombers of the 47th Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Leningrad Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Western Military District have already been relocated to the airfield, which is now capable of receiving all types of aircraft.

“According to the report, at the aforementioned airfield, located just 150 km from the border with Ukraine, the runways, taxiways, as well as parking areas were modernized with the installation of the latest equipment, including weapons, radio reconnaissance and meteorological systems. The new concrete runway is about 4 km long, 60 m wide, has the highest performance and can accommodate all types of aircraft. In 2022, the fighter station will be equipped with a metal dome, the purpose of which is to increase technical security. The Western press once again expressed concern about the fact that Russia continues to build up its military forces near the border with Ukraine, putting pressure with the most modern weapons on Kiev ", - reports the publication "DatViet"

On the other hand, the West's fears on this score are absolutely not unfounded, since in the event of any slightest threat from Ukraine or NATO, two squadrons of Su-34 fighter-bombers will be enough to repel any attack and inflict crushing damage on the enemy.

this is the Russian territory and there no one is the owner what they want and they do

"The Western press has once again expressed concern that ...."
Pot calls the kettle black ......

Enough and there will be more.

Before redeployment, this regiment was stationed in Buturlinovka, which is even closer to the Ukrainian border and no one squealed, but then they flew to their home base and started ...


The stupidity of the Western countries now lies precisely in the fact that it is they who are now at nuclear point of view, and not Ukraine. But a nuclear war can start just Ukraine, attacking the citizens of Russia in Donetsk and Lugansk.

And what the author of the article does not know is that these SU-34s were located a year ago at this airfield, which is the base for them and were temporarily relocated for the period of reconstruction of the runway and taxiways. And now the reconstruction is completed and everyone has returned home.

All Ukrainian followers of the sect of believers in the Almighty Bayraktars should be reminded that the bomb load of their objects of worship is 95 kg (minus the weight of the sighting equipment). The Su-34 has a maximum bomb load of 10000 kg. At the same time, in Syria, during short-range flights with a reduced fuel reserve, he could take even 12000 kg. Those. the entire Ukrainian fleet of Bayraktar is many times weaker than even one Su-34!

Joyful message. It is not clear only how to define our citizens on the territory that the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consider a part of Ukraine. If we are guided by this logic, then our citizens are in any country - Turkey, Egypt, Israel, England (mostly millionaires), etc. Will there be enough fighters - bombers for all?

Correctly Russia is doing everything !!!

And that at the moment Ukraine is not showing aggression towards Russian citizens?