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Russia deployed 24 Su-34 fighter-bombers to the air base near Voronezh

There are 24 Su-34 fighter-bombers at Baltimore Air Base.

Since the beginning of this year, 24 Su-34 fighter-bombers have been based at the Russian military airbase Baltimore. The military air base is located only 180 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, which allows the Russian Aerospace Forces to destroy enemy forces in the event of an attack on the Russian border or in the event of an attack by the Armed Forces of Russia on Russian citizens in the Donbass.

As follows from satellite images published on January 15, as of the beginning of this year, there are from 22 to 24 Su-34 fighter-bombers at Baltimore Air Force Base. The capabilities of these combat aircraft are more than enough to not only repel any attacks in this direction, but also to destroy large enemy forces.

To date, Baltimore Air Base is fully equipped with two squadrons of Su-34 fighter-bombers. This provides an opportunity to protect a large section of the border, and not only with Ukraine, but also with neighboring Belarus, allowing assistance in the event of the slightest aggression from the West.

Among other things, given the capabilities of the Su-34 fighter-bombers, experts believe that the appearance of two squadrons in the western direction could be a rather tough military response for NATO.

What does "transferred" mean? This is their home base, they have always been there, they just retrained from the Su-24 to the Su-34, that's all. They raise a stir here, they say Russia is moving troops to the Ukrainian borders. Provocateurs!

What should they do there. This is their permanent base

Su-34 returned to their base

So publish

Su-34 returned to their base from Buturlinovka after the repair of the runway in Voronezh.
In Morozovsk, 130 km from Ukraine, 3 squadrons of Su-34s are deployed.

NATO already knows where the entire army of the Russian Federation is located to the last soldier, but for some reason they don’t publish their coordinates in