Russia has deployed its MiG-31 fighters to Novaya Zemlya, preparing to meet the American fleet in the Arctic

Russian MiG-31BM fighters were deployed to Novaya Zemlya.

After the United States announced its plans to take control of the Arctic, in order to demonstrate its strength to Russia, the Russian military decided to start acting proactively, and in addition to deploying anti-ship missile systems here, it became known that Russian interceptor fighters were deployed to Novaya Zemlya. MiG-31BM. Judging by the significant increase in the grouping of troops in this direction, Russia decided to minimize the risk of the appearance of the American fleet here, not to mention the fact that US ships could enter Russia's territorial waters.

Information on this matter was confirmed by sources in the defense department.

“The Russian military has deployed long-range interceptor fighters MiG-31BM on Novaya Zemlya for combat duty in the Arctic. It is noted that these are fighters of a separate mixed aviation regiment of the Northern Fleet. They will guard the state border of Russia in the airspace of the archipelago ", - reports the Russian edition "Gazeta.ru".

It should be noted that due to the actions of the United States, tensions in relations between the two countries only continue to grow, however, experts note that Washington will have no chance of doing anything against Russia near its own borders.

A little earlier it became known that the Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft intends to increase patrolling of the Arctic and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

And what to feed the white bears?

MIG-31 was deployed, prepared, but were the camps for prisoners prepared? Where should they be kept before being sent to the national economic construction sites in Russia? :)

The American Navy and the Arctic !!! This is already an anecdote!