Russia has transferred its air defense, electronic warfare and artillery to Armenia - this is enough to defeat the army of both Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Russia transferred weapons to Armenia, allowing to defeat the army of Turkey and Azerbaijan taken together.

According to the data available to the resource, since mid-July, Russian military aircraft have made a huge number of mysterious flights to Armenia, transferring about 400 tons of military cargo here, as reported. According to the data, we are talking about the most modern weapons, including air defense systems, short, medium and long-range radars, electronic suppression systems, artillery weapons, etc. long-range, including the S-300 air defense system.

“President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, during a telephone conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin the day before, on August 12, raised the issue of deliveries to Armenia starting from July 17 over 400 tons of military cargo. This is stated in the statement published today by the press service of the President of Azerbaijan. "After the clashes on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, over 400 tons of military cargo were delivered from Russia through the airspace of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran to Armenia and the main purpose of his phone call is to clarify this issue," the release says. In particular, Aliyev said that, starting from July 17, there have been intensive military supplies from the Russian Federation to Armenia, and this issue causes serious concern in Azerbaijan. ", - about it сообщает EA Daily.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that Armenia, unlike Azerbaijan, is a CSTO member country, and in a conflict, Russia, as well as other CSTO members, may well provide Yerevan with all the necessary assistance, including military, in this connection, claims from Baku are completely unjustified, especially against the backdrop of ongoing attacks against Armenia.

Try it, "guest". Study history according to original sources, and not written by order, then everything will fall into place. Strength isn't just about numbers. If so, China and India would have owned the world for a long time.

Let Russia remain in Russia, your problems are not enough for you. The USSR has already been lost by an arms race, what will be the consequences now? Live in harmony and do not be Buratino.

It was the lands of Armenia that were attacked, the death of high-ranking officers is a warning. We do not know how to fight, and why. Armenia has a weak economy, and whoever talks about it, except our president, they have such a weapon that we can only dream of. Armenia has long offered peace and a peace treaty, but Azerbaijan does not agree.

Do not talk nonsense, Azerbaijan alone will wipe the whole of Armenia from the face of the earth (a wet spot will remain)
Thanks to Russia, they still exist

Not Turkey, not Azerbadzhan, not who and not when will not be able to against Armenia and Russia. Russia is a powerful force. Hitler also dreamed well and .... received. Armenia is the oldest state and do not forget the very first Christianity in the world. Think about what you think. And NATO almost all of its countries have the Christian faith and that they will be against Armenia. Nonsense and do not forget 1915. the year of the genocide of the Armenian people. From Turkey which has not recognized for 105 years and still dreams of destroying the whole nation and not only Armenians Kurds, Greeks Slavs. think before you write. ..

Firstly, if the territory of Armenia itself was not attacked, then the CSTO members have no right to provide assistance to it. And the occupied lands by Armenia are not its territories. The author should at least know what he is writing about. Secondly, the CSTO members have already declared to Armenia that they will not participate in this and this is logical based on the agreement. And the last, well, drive the blizzard author. No supplies to Armenia will give it the opportunity to defeat not only Turkey (not a discussed topic at all), but also modern Azerbaijan, since Armenia has a very weak economy. And the economy in modern warfare is of paramount importance. Armenia is looking at the United States, but it is far away from Turkey, a NATO member, and the United States will not go to the conflict for it. The stake is too ephemeral. Armenia is between a rock and a hard place, between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and in these conditions the most intelligent thing that Armenia can do is conclude a peace treaty with Azerbaijan on the status of Nagorno-Karabakh and liberate Azerbaijani territories.

The Armenians are the people who, for the sake of their own benefit, are ready to lay their wives in the bed of others. A nation without honor, conscience. I served with them in all part, when there are few of them, because your best friends, and God forbid if they become more, then their non-human essence is manifested.

This will definitely reign peace in the Caucasus, because the so-called country of Armenia will disappear. Armenians participate in all troubles in the Caucasus. in order to snatch a piece of land. Live at the expense of others, especially at the expense of Russia. Even in Georgia, even in Azerbaijan, even in Russia. They dream of building a state from sea to sea at the expense of these countries. It was not meant to be. You will disappear completely from the Caucasus just like you did several hundred years ago. There will be no such country called Armenia.

Where Russia is, the rest have nothing to do, so Turkey and Azerbaijan shouldn't even try to try something.

Continue selling greens, you are traders in life, but Russians and Armenians are fighters. Armenia is waiting for Azerbaijan to declare war, and as a result, the artificially created republic of Azerbaijan will disappear and peace will reign in the Caucasus for the Lezgins of the Talysh and Armenians. This will soon be awaited. Armenia will never be its allies. does not throw.

NATO has nothing to do with it, there is no direct threat to the NATO member, but the ODKB member is. Turkey is here on its own.

It seems that Argentina is also going to attack Armenia, but what is against them? Any obstacles to the Argentines?

Reading science fiction in the morning is something!

If Russia could defeat Turkey, it would have defeated it in Syria and Libya long ago) Armenia is a CSTO member and the rest of the CSTO members are right to provide assistance, well, yes, but Turkey is a NATO member and NATO countries have the right to provide military assistance to Turkey, up to the declaration of war ) And now seriously, military clashes between Turkey and Russia in the South Caucasus will end in complete failure for Russia, while Armenia will simply be destroyed and occupied as soon as possible

Like in Syria, huh?